movies and wireless remotes

IMG_1715My first picture using my brand new wireless remote!  Only took me a solid year to order one for my new camera I got a year ago.  My old Canon 20D didn’t have the ability to use a wireless remote.  I would have had to buy one with a wire. No thank you.  It wasn’t until last week when I was trying to take pictures of my hands that I thought….a wireless remote would sure come in handy.  It was $10.00 plus shipping.  The crazy, crazy thing I just couldn’t get over was this remote was delivered at 7:30 a.m. Sunday morning!  WHAT?  Who works on Sunday mornings delivering things? It was a plain white van, I have no idea what delivery company it was but we were up for some strange reason.  Wide awake on a Sunday morning.  We were not just up we were both walking our first-born out to his car on his way out the door to work.  Yep, and the delivery guy pulls up and runs the package straight into motorcycle mans hands.  I knew exactly what it was because I don’t order much and I knew it was on its way.    It came in handy when we made our Sunday time capsule.  All the shots of my in the film were because of this new remote.

Here is the film and it’s private but if you type in the secret code:  love     You should be able to watch it.  It’s our day in just over two minutes.

12 thoughts on “movies and wireless remotes

  1. One day I found your blog on wordpress thanks to lazy surfing instead of doing some work in Lightroom. I’m enjoying it a lot, but today I was soooo impressed buy your little movie. I have all the equipment but have I ever even tried to do something like this…….no. But your film made me want to…….and that is huge! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m happy you watched my little film and you were inspired, AND that you told me. I used my imove and if you do give it a try and have questions, you can email me. It can be frustrating at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s lots of fun.

      Thank you again for your comment.

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