A summary, a quick summary.  I have taken on lots and I seem to be rebelling against the word I picked for the year, balance.  It’s how I am with everything in real life.  The moment I say “I will eat right”  I go crazy and buy two candy bars.  The moment I say I will do this…I do something totally different.  I should really stop telling myself what to do!  The quote by Lewis Carroll I have used before is so true of me “I give myself very good advice, but very seldom follow it”

In the spirit of the projects I do, here in this post you will find my picture I submitted for the hours and I would say, if you have some time, maybe you can visit the hours and see what everyone has contributed so far.  I find it so interesting the common threads that flow throughout.

Tracie West 7 am La Mirada

And lastly the video I made of our Sunday for the time capsule class I’m doing with Xanthe.  It’s long….a really long video of just past 7 minutes, it’s very fast paced though and the song is kind of catchy, well at least I think so.  The secret word, it will always be…. love.  Hope you are off to a good week.  Lots of people have today off in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  I don’t.  I’m off to work.  But I leave you with a quote by him because he knew what was important.  “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. That is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.”

5 thoughts on “happenings

  1. As always your creations leave me feeling inspired. I can’t wait to get my new camera and maybe try making a video myself. I was excited to see you are using the cherry blossom dish towel.

  2. Looks like you got a ton of movement in & dinner was charming, great day, im looking forward to seeing what you grow in your garden xoxo You go girl!!

  3. LOVE your photo!! As someone from a rainy city, I love that you were able to capture the beauty. And I love the Martin Luther King quote. Needed to hear this today (have been watching the news…)

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