simple bits that make me smile

yesterday, it was the dust floating in the perfect light.  I decided to place a song with it.  A very pretty song. The song is called “Stewed Bark of an Old Tree” it’s by Devendra Banhart it’s about a minute in a half.   The video is just dust but the song is really beautiful and actually the dust is very beautiful too.  I taped it because it was like magic and very peaceful and worthy to be noticed.  A blessing in my day.

Today, it was when I picked up second born from school.  You know, the MoonRebel boy.  He said this “mom, I saw a feather today at school and I thought of you”  I asked if he picked it up.  He said “no, I didn’t have time and besides it was just a seagull feather”  to which I said, “seagulls are special, they remind us we live by the ocean” I also made sure to let him know it’s things like him telling me he saw a feather and thought of me that make my day.

Although today the sun is not golden and it’s more like a foggy, dirty day, not the pretty crisp rainy kind of gray day but more of the hazy, dirty kind of day.  There will be no shadows today, but if we are really paying close attention, like second born, feathers may be found or the old stand by…hearts.

One thought on “simple bits that make me smile

  1. I love the dust video clip – so beautiful. It makes me smile to think I should be more grateful for the dust in my house!!! It is just beautiful how if dances in the sunbeams! x

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