me and dresses

I love dresses!  I adore skirts!  But  recently I have not worn them much.  You know.  My legs.  There are days when I just say things like.  “WHO CARES!  WHO REALLY CARES!” and I’m brave and I will wear a dress all day long and let my sore/hairy legs just be out there, to be seen.  Because after all..Who really cares?  Below was one of those brave, who really cares kind of days.

IMG_2490Or I will wear long skirts with something to cover my legs, like good old leg warmers.  I LOVE leg warmers and no my legs are not tiny and cute and leg warmers just pack on the pounds look but I DON’T EVEN CARE.  Because I like them.


If the skirt is long enough it doesn’t really matter anyways.  I don’t believe very much in matching. I mostly believe I should just wear colors and prints I like, that’s what matters to me.


If the skirt is a little shorter and I’m not in my “who cares” mode, I will slip on a pair of my jeans under my skirt.

IMG_4240If its cold out I will wear layers and I don’t care if I’m not tiny and skinny and the layers just add to my curves.  It doesn’t matter to me.



Oh and shoes!  Comfort.  That’s my motto.  I know a shoe with a heel would make me look longer and maybe a little leaner but guess what? I don’t care.  I don’t even particularly care if my shoes are clean or not.  I love converse the most, I went through a Toms stage and of course anything second-hand.  I’m most excited recently that I bought boots on-line with a wider calve so I can wear boots with my skirts because that’s my most favorite look in the world.

I was shopping with my mom last week and I picked up the most darling and comfortable dress.  I ordered the boots and I’m so excited to have a darling outfit.  SO EXCITED.  It almost makes me want to dress like this more often.


Truth be told.  I mostly wear one of my two pairs of jeans, converse (my new red ones are my fav) a t-shirt or something from Road Kill on top.  Jeans are my go to.  9 times out of 10 it’s what I will be wearing.  My new boots and new dress got me to share about my feelings on fashion.  I admire a darling dresser, always have but me…just don’t have it in me.   Second hand and independent boutiques is where I like to shop.  I don’t see me changing much.  I’m comfortable the way I am.

10 thoughts on “me and dresses

  1. Me too!!!! Where for the boots! Great to see you in all these shots, my lovely friend who gave me a great skirt. You would give someone the shirt off your back. True. That generous spirit is who you are. Big giant hug.

  2. I love your style, ‘free’ and comfortable! boots and skirts or dress are my favourite, but i’m like you, jeans almost all the time. your black boots are gorgeous! have a great day tracie!

  3. I’m still surprised that you don’t have a massive legging collection – that is totally how I picture you – starting the day deciding what color leggings to wear!
    Did you know that my mom came dressed up as ME one Halloween? Apparently it is possible to dress up like me because my daily wardrobe is pretty much denim shorts (Walmart special!) and a tie dye t-shirt. I’m easy to spot in a crowd… look for the bright tie dye!
    It’s cold right now, so I’ve been living in yoga pants. Yoga pants are my love language currently! 🙂

  4. It’s because of you that I now where skirts. I swear. I hadn’t worn skirts in so long because I was so embarrassed about my skinny legs, I wear them all the time now and I actually kind of like them now. THANK YOU!!!! Love you!!!

  5. love your style Tracie! Cool that you took the time to get all these shots! A reminder to me to get out of my jeans a bit more often!! xx

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