morning conversations

Okay. Okay. I’m guilty! For knocking on my almost 20 year olds bedroom door in the morning and then wanting to have a “full on conversation” This morning I told him his passenger window was all the way down and the back pack and guitar hero guitars he had in the back seat, may just get stolen. He sleepily said “you have a point” As he passed me to his car he showed me this on his iphone. He said “this MAY apply to YOU”

morning convos

then we laughed. Truth be told. He is hardly home so Yes, often I will knock on his bedroom door early in the morning to say hello. To get a hug, to see what’s up.

I do happen to like though, no matter how much we don’t see each other these days, he still likes the same stuff I like. A lady walked by yesterday with really cool pants on. I had seen her days before and my words were “I like those pants that lady is wearing” In which motorcycle man said “last time I saw those MC Hammer was wearing them” Yesterday the same lady walked by, in those same pants and Austin says “hey, I like that ladies pants” See. My son!

mc hammer This morning as I hugged my sleepy almost 20 year old (when did that happen?) He says “I like your satchel mom” I was like. Yeah. My son!

Yesterday as I was arranging my coffee mugs on the dining room floor with the front door wide open to get some ample light, he was like “what are you up to mom?” “oh, just taking pictures of my coffee mugs, maybe gunna make a stop motion” He knows all about stop motions. We have made one together in fact. (see below). He helped me. I arranged the mugs he shot the photos. I miss him. I just do.

2 thoughts on “morning conversations

  1. Yes, I am right there with you! Our boys……….and that video had me smiling big! However, I kept thinking about how much work it was to do all that because I know!
    I love your Gumby stunt, reminded me of when Michael Richards was on the comedy show Fridays (a rip off of Saturday Night Live), he did a bit where he blew up Barbies and GI Joes.

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