I cut my hair and forgot Colorado!

Thursday I decided it was time for change.  I got my hair cut and below you can see how long it was and now how sassy it is.  Please note it will never quite look as well put together as the one on the right because this is the day after I got it done and it’s still sort of styled like Kristel did it.  My hair-doing skills could use some help.  She also added some color to my red, brightened it up and stuff. Also take note of Max coming right out of my butt.

before afterLast week I also was working on “we shoot with soul” and our focus was “collections” what do you collect? One of the things I collect happen to be Starbucks mugs from around the world.  I made a video about my mugs and I talk about each one.  Today I realized I forgot Colorado because it was in my cupboard and is actually used while the others are stored on top of my cupboard.  So in addition to the 32 mugs I talked about, make it 33 with Colorado.   The video is long, long, long but if you just want to watch the quick stop motion portion and skim through my talking….feel free.  The secret password is love,  just the word love in all lower case.  It’s always love.

7 thoughts on “I cut my hair and forgot Colorado!

  1. I like your voice!! And the “That’s weird!” part when someone walks in at the beginning. That’s all I could think on my walk today was how weird I looked, but that I was not going to let it stop me. Here’s to not doing things the way others would. Freedom comes at 50!!! 😉 (just 6 more months…)
    P.S. If you e-mail me your address, I promise I will send you a Hiroshima Starbucks mug… but you have to do it this week, because I am going on the weekend. And who knows when I will have another opportunity!

  2. Love the hair – but love Abbey just coming in and participating!! Mr. T dreams of going to NY, too 🙂
    I saw the Dallas mug and thought it was unacceptable, and was on my way to get you a Fort Worth mug… and then low and behold, you have one!

  3. Your hair looks amazing woman. I love it.
    I love putting a face to the voice or vice versa. I’ve heard your voice before but not with an actual video. Isn’t that bizarre. I love your collection and that Abbie came in and gate-crashed your video. These gals. 🙂

  4. Good morning Tracy – first, you hair is amazing! I love it! 🙂
    Second, my local Starbucks has just completed a renovation, and I notice they have a big supply of “I am here” Canada coffee cups. I purchased one for you….send me a private message with your mailing coordinates and I will ship it 🙂 Private email is: conniecollins78 at gmail dot com.

    Hugs xoxoxo … Connie 🙂

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