Taking Stock


They called it taking stock.  My friend Christina took her stock because Meet me at Mike’s took hers.  And so on and so forth.  So if you feel like taking stock too.  Then please do. I didn’t think I would have an answer for all these things.  Turns out I did:)  The bird up there the little yellow tiny bird.  Has nothing to do with taking stock but he was so cute with his 11 other finches in the tree last week.  Yes, an entire dozen yellow finches were hanging out in our backyard tree.  They were way up high and I had to get my tele lens to capture him.  Here goes my stock.

Making : my bed. Yep. I made my bed this morning. That’s about all I’m making.

Cooking : pot pie last night, littlest and only girl said “best pot pie I ever had” thank you Pioneer Woman!

Drinking : black coffee

Reading: a book called “Lets all be Brave” by Annie F. Downs (almost finished)

Wanting: to learn more about making a better blog. I bought a book about it. Step one.

Looking: for hearts in February. Hearts galore!

Playing: music through Pandora

Deciding: if I should fit in walking each day again

Wishing: I could snap my fingers and the color and wood I want to add to the dining room would just appear as I have envisioned it

Enjoying: “becoming” an 8 week inspirational Godly course offered for free from Jeanne Oliver

Waiting: for my new hose attachment to the most awesome vacuum cleaner in the world.  I wore out the hose.  It just tore apart but it was easy to order a new hose.  So I’m waiting.  I NEED it, I feel lost without it.

Liking: The idea of hanging a light fixture above the dining table

Wondering: if the ground-hog will see his shadow?

Loving: my husband with all my heart

Pondering: next Sunday’s big meal

Considering: juicing a little bit again

Watching: a lot of mini videos on an 8 week course called “becoming” as well as video’s made by my class mates in our year-long time capsule course.

Hoping: my oldest son follows his dreams

Marvelling:  At the endless wonders God created

Needing: to find silver. To photograph of course. It’s the next color in the box of crayons.

Smelling: The yummy vanilla perfume I wear

Wearing: boots that finally fit my solid and strong calves

Following: thanks to 22 limes I now am following “meet me at mikes” good stuff for nice people…who wouldn’t be into that?

Noticing: God’s love in nature everywhere

Knowing: I’m exactly who I’m supposed to be

Thinking: about moving my book shelves to an open spot in the living room and expanding them. It’s like this weird vision I have. I need wood for it

Admiring: Moon Rebels ability to save money

Sorting: laundry, forever sorting laundry

Buying: a new sofa…yeah that just happened.

Getting: excited for all the new babies our family is expecting

Bookmarking: a shared blog with really cool friends called we shoot with soul

Disliking: aggressive drivers

Opening: up to the idea of letting some things go

Giggling: when I think about moon rebel dancing in the dining room

Feeling: thankful that Kate hung my picture and feather on her wall!

Snacking: dark chocolate, almonds and cashews

Coveting: I can’t help but to covet…Xanthe’s mean video making talent!

Wishing: my legs/skin would be healed

Helping: my sister-n-law, by taking their family photo’s for their missionary journey.  I would link you to their blog but I think it’s still under construction.

Hearing:  Moon Rebel strum his guitar this afternoon.  I think he should be the soundtrack to my next time capsule.

4 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. Yeah, thanks for playing along! Won’t it be fun when we look back next year, and the year after, and so on and so on, to see where we were at in detail. So you are getting that new couch, how awesome, can’t wait to see it! The book you are reading is on my list, would love to hear what your thoughts were on it. Real vanilla perfume is yummy, and my daughter’s favorite! Your video from yesterday with the pot pie meal, looked so delicious, I might have to look it up on Pioneer Women and give it a try! Good stuff!

  2. Love this. Always sorting laundry, yes. Always.
    In fact: need to go do that now. 😦
    I love how you admired someone for saving money and right after that it’s: bought a sofa. 😉 Making me giggle and inspiring me all the time.

  3. I just pinned PW peanut butter sheet cake, and sent a text to a friend to get me a price for a sheet pan 🙂 Tell me about “becoming”… are you liking it so far? It sounds interesting and right up my alley, but I’m don’t always do well with new things! And thanks for the mention, I’m happy to have inspired thankfulness! (What I didn’t mention, yet, was that your art work hangs by itself on the other side… I’m saving that one for later :), but it’s pretty darn amazing!)

  4. Hello you. I love this taking stock. Really makes us think about and outside the moment we are living in. Now I want some dark chocolate and to catch up on our Time Capsule’s class. 🙂

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