IMG_2126This was our sunrise this morning.  It looked like fire because of the slight fog.  Motorcycle man has a way of bringing sunrises to my attention where I will often bring the sunset to his attention.  He is morning.  I am night.  I received some bad news this morning.  And I felt like this sunrise should be dedicated to my sister-n-law, Cristi.  As I took this picture of the  sunrise I thought of her, I thought of how this sunrise was for her.  Then I remembered the song I used to really love called Sunrise/Sunset by Bright Eyes.  I really, really used to love Conor Oberst so very much and it was all I could do was to just listen to the stack of CD’s I had by him.  I’m getting off track but my point is, sometimes we get bad news and it puts things into perspective.  One begins to think about what’s really important and the mind it can go wild if you let it.   You know you have to sort of reign yourself back in or you could be not even focused on the right now today.   We will take one step at a time and see how this will unfold.  She is strong, she is positive and she has always, always taken such care of everyone else.  Now it’s her turn to be taken care of.

Cristi this fiery sunrise is for you today.  It’s rare and it’s amazing and it’s so strong just like you.  Look how it breaks through the fog and looks like a raging fire.  Before I knew it, it burned off the fog and the morning was bright.


7 thoughts on “sunrise……sunset

  1. Oh Tracey, you and I must be on the same cosmic plain. I want to sit with you and share hugs…I too received bad (cancer) news today. My hubby & I had just finished saying that after hearing something like this, it was difficult to do everyday things…

    I know we’ve never met, but in so many ways, when I read your blog or see your photos, I see my cosmic twin….I’m sending hugs your way…thanks for sharing, as you do.

    Your virtual friend & cosmic twin, Connie 😘

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