This AND That

I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe I have not blogged since last week. I think it may have something to do with my video making craze. I’m so into making video clips these days it’s all I can think about. I dream of it. Not even joking I literally have dreams of making films. Since I’m talking about it, I will share at the end of this blog my Sunday video. That’s what I have been doing, making a video every single Sunday for 5 weeks straight now. The practice is great but making them slightly different from one another is a little challenge. Of course each Sunday is its own but it will always include my family, eating and just hanging out at our house. I keep them private and you will need a password to watch it. My password for all my Sunday videos is always.     love

Since I have been utterly consumed in video dreamland it has left little time for anything else. However, I must share with you a recent impulse purchase. I got an email from The Paper Source and February is one of my favorite months considering it has so many hearts available for my eyes to see, whelp, the email was about valentine stuff. I saw these most amazing, pretty glasses and I couldn’t resist. Right then and there I clicked PURCHASE. Before I knew it I was typing in my payment information. They arrived today and I have already showed every human being who will look at them. This just means I have to toss our 4 jars to make room in my cupboard. I mean look at them! Great stuff right? Sadly, last time I check they were out of stock, so everyone else and their mom must have thought they were the bees knees too!


I suppose the last thing I have to talk about is the lovely blog I have admired for quite some time now. It’s called Natalie Creates and she shares 20 random acts of kindness that cost 5 dollars and under. It’s worth checking out.

That’s all for now. As if anyone is really reading this besides my mom. Thank you mom, you have always always been my biggest support.  I can’t forget Kate too, she always leaves a little love on my page after she reads my swirling mind nonsense.

6 thoughts on “This AND That

  1. My favorite part of this video is the look in Abbie’s eys when she discovered you were shooting the video while she was eating her pizza…….PRICELESS

    Linda Thompson

  2. rides w/ converse WOW! I always enjoy reading your words & watching your videos, im so glad you are having fun with that!! You’re great with picking music too! We should do a vid when u come here, make sure time laps sunrise/ sunset!! & maybe just a few moments when you see what really goes on in my little unincorporated community of the Mojave before it’s commercialized. And know how much I enjoy to take A moment out of my life to have a glimpse of yours, you made my morning:) Happy Thursday to you! Xox

  3. There are way more than your mom and I reading you! And I really thought I had already read this before I realized I commented on IG! Lol. I love those glasses, though, totally worth the purchase! 🙂 And I hate to be a follower, but if they ever come back in stock, I might have to indulge! Which is silly,I always drink from my Tervis cup! Lol.

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