detail and artichokes

Why do I like to take pictures? It’s a tool to hide behind. It’s a way to document what I see, what I love. It captures moments and memories for a lifetime. Yes all of these things and recently in the past few years I have learned to not just hide behind it but to step directly in front of it. That’s a whole other story though.

4605719900_4ef8148751_bA while back Flickr sent that email about using some of my photo’s for Flickrs licensing program. I agreed. Then they sent me links to 70 of my images they selected to license. I can find meaning in numbers and for the number 70 I chalked it to, it’s the year I was born so that’s pretty cool. I began to view the images they selected from my stream. Interested of course as to what sorts of shots an outsider would pick.

7114049219_fcfa8e74c8_kNone of the 70 images had people. Which is kind of nice for the purpose of how they may or may not be used. I noticed that nearly all but maybe 3 of the images were taken with my “old” camera the Canon 20D and also most the images were taken using my 50mm lens that only cost me $100.00. So that being said, I was using an older somewhat outdated camera and a not so expensive lens, yet these are the images that stood out to flickr. 20 of the images were of food, 4 of which were  artichokes. And actually 2 of the 4 artichokes were the same exact picture I had posted twice in different sizes.  Technically they picked one artichoke twice so in reality they picked 69 images not 70. And 69, great year!  Motorcycle man was born then;)  I have a joke about the famous artie. The one I printed and sold twice in 2013 at a local art walk. Both of those artichoke prints were sold to complete strangers and it was the one print I questioned? Like who is going to buy a picture of an artichoke? Later I heard my cousin from Virginia purchased that same artichoke print from Crated, the site I have a few of my prints up for sale. Weird. But cool.

5883706050_d53c468744_bIn reviewing all these images that were chosen, I see that they were attracted to the same things I was attracted to mostly in 2013 and even some older than that. It all had to do with detail. I think I will pull out my 20D, put that 50mm on and find some detail next week. I sort of re-inspired myself. Again. Weird. But kind of cool. And if you are interesting in what flickr found to be interesting and worth while, I made a set HERE.

4 thoughts on “detail and artichokes

  1. That is so awesome!!! You will
    Have to tell me more, those artichokes are really beautiful, i love your prospective on things!

  2. So cool! Artichokes. I have only ever had them in a jar, like pickled. I think they look very interesting. And it is good to see green today. Very good.

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