change is hard

“Be kind to yourself, be patient, you will find your answers. Love who you are right now—even if right now isn’t a place you want to be—you will always be you—start to appreciate yourself! You will feel so much better! And do not compare yourself to others. You are on your own special road. Be well my fellow travelers and know your path is a good one.”  LINDA SILVA PALLESCHI-


I remember this quote and I have used it in a past post.  A post when things were looking better and I was in a more positive outlook.  But this quote is really important for me to reflect back on.  To remember.  I have not just used it once before but twice and this, this will be my third time using her quote.  Her wise words.  Linda is such a beautiful soul.  I’m so happy that she meandered into my life via  the photo sharing site I was once very active in.  I love the fact this this woman has impacted my life in a very positive way.

Right now.  I’m not walking.  Right now.  I’m not eating very healthy.  Right now I feel tired.  Right now.  I know what I should be doing.  Right now.  I’m not doing what is best.  Right now.  I know exactly what it feels like to be human.  I’m actually really good at being human.

Sometimes I think it has something to do with my mood.  I have been unmotivated and a little down lately but not because life isn’t great.  It’s wonderful.  Today I even found a feather in the parking lot when I left work. I looked up and said “Thank you God for thinking of me and for loving me so much even when I’m not so good”  I stopped by the side of the road to enjoy the purple wild flowers and Moon Rebel treated me to a soda and bean burrito.  But you see that’s part of it.  The soda.  The bean burrito.  When I eat not so good and I don’t move much, I get down.  I was reading a blog recently and  the phrase “just start” was used.  But those words, they are in the back of my head.  They just need to move to the front of my head.  We will see.  We are celebrating Chinese New Year tonight.  Maybe I will be inspired after a delicious meal to “just start”  Plus today’s word is chocolate so I’ll be eating some of that too.  Then maybe after that the words “just start” will come forward to the front of my brain.  hee hee.  Basically I’m just a human person with human thoughts and I’m being honest with them right now, right here.


Happy New Year.  Now that’s a thought, its Chinese New Year…Clean Slate right?!! Tomorrow is a brand new day.   And remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL






5 thoughts on “change is hard

  1. I was thinking if you did come up we could kick start it all, hiking/ moving & healthy meals…… I found a, “you are beautiful” sticker the other day & put it in a special place, can’t wait for you to see it. You have to map the land before you can set out on your next heatlth adventure, we can do it!!! LOVE you

  2. I found myself lately using up too many calories on foods that weren’t nourishing my body as well, so I bought some pudding cups – that 100 calories chocolate pudding cup was a great treat last night before I had my coffee and let me feel like I was getting a treat 🙂 I have to find little things like that to help me out! But, the reality is, I am what I am right now, and I agree, it is of the utmost import to love me as I am right now! So, I lovingly accept me today and I continue to work on a healthier path!

  3. I’m one of those human people too. 🙂 I am finding it sooo very hard to get motivated and stick to a good and positive plan. I have to be kinder to myself too and more patient. You are doing some amazing things lately Tracie. I see your Vimeo, your flickr and your instagram. They are all beautiful and amazing. As are you. We are all allowed to lay down in the grass sometimes and just ‘be’. xoxo

  4. It is so hard to stay on the right path day after day. I get tired of thinking about all the time and like you wonder off. It makes me wonder why we don’t just do all the things that make us feel good every day? What do we fight it?? You are such an inspiration! So brave and amazing!

    1. Cathy I know right? It’s that logic, it’s always there and my rebelious human self keeps rearing is big gigantic head. I don’t think it should be a constant battle but I also think depression and embalance can play a huge part in these daily demons. and Cathie with an IE, I’m in such great company. I know we are all so similar and human and imperfect, I thank you for all your encouraging words about the little projects I do. I appreciate that you stop by to read my words too. Kate so true, we are who we are right now. We need to embrace were we are at just like my friend Linda says. I’m going to write out her quote and post it someplace I can see it in my house. and my dear sister Sarah I’m so happy you are on my side. That we have each other to encourage and support each other in the right direction.

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