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I’m inspired in many different ways and I think my top inspiration is through nature but a very close second are people. People inspire me. I’m very shy. I’m an introvert but that being said. I love people and I especially love group projects. Currently I’m in a year-long video time capsule making course. I like to brag about my teacher Xanthe because she is really great and yes, inspiring but on top of that, my creative classmates are co-inspirers. I love to watch the video’s my class mates make and most recently I watched one made by Julia  and she shared a day with her friend via video time capsule and her friend was beach combing and found bits of trash and interesting things and made art out of it. Then via her video and in the comments another classmate who equally inspires me had an entire Pinterest page   dedicated to her street combing finds.  Tara does quite a bit of street combing and has the most interesting and beautiful displays of what she finds.  Goodness, I can for sure admit that I too am a street comber and for sure a sea comber. I find peace and comfort in collecting sea shells, sea glass and bits of goodness I find here or there. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty, that’s what soap and water are for!


Aside from finding street treasures and making art out of it, I also have a past of wrapping gifts inexpensively but this (big confession) is mostly due to the cheap skate in me. Yeah, I really have a hard time buying pretty ribbons and papers for wrapping, although I admire them very much. Very, very much. My mama in fact is the best wrapper of gifts I have ever been exposed to. She wraps up gifts so beautiful they are hard to open because you know, I don’t want to ruin her master piece.


My new creative friends have inspired me to start street combing and bring in more than my feathers, so watch out.  Below is what I collected in about five minutes just by walking across the street from my house this afternoon.  I’m thrilled that even that crumpled piece of yellow paper resembles a heart without any of my manipulation.


12 thoughts on “find your inspiration

  1. It is so important to find people that inspire you! You are that for me. I love how you put yourself out there here with this space and blog.

  2. You constantly inspire me. So there, That is where I find some of my inspiration. 🙂 I am always picking things up when we are out and about and then I get home and think what do I need this for. But I usually keep most of it. I sieve through it all constantly. Jess is becoming just the same. Sigh…. My little bower bird. I love your creativity and how strongly you feel about the ventures you are in. Don’t change one little bit! xo

  3. Love this & cant wait to see whats next!!! I found you another polka dot feather, wasnt as nice & had a real curl to it, for a moment i thought this isn’t nice enough to keep, but then i remembered how you find beauty in most things, how admirable💜💚

  4. Love that you are stretching and strengthening your talents and skills and while you are an introvert, you’ve joined the video capsule class, it’s amazing how much we can do, how much we can gather in a walk across the street and how much love we can find, even without any manipulation on our part. All we have to do is be a little open, and you are such a great example of that!

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