do you believe in yourself?

I have been doing a lot of reading and researching.  I think its part of mid-life. Questioning, where I am, how I got here and what’s in the future for me, for our family. I have been reading Dr. Phil’s book, “Self Matters” I’m in the chapter where he has one thinking about the defining events in your life. We can’t possibly remember every single day but there have been some events in our lives that stand out. I thought of a handful of personal and violating things that have happened in my life. I’m not going to share in this space but I will share the few things that came forward that are good. These events are times in my life where someone believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself and turns out…they were right about me.

SHINEWhen I was in the first grade I was very shy, a lot like I’m still shy today. I had this teacher that really, really believed in me. She was going to have her class put on a play for their parents and she had to pick a part for all her kids. She chose me, the shyest girl in the class to play the starring roll. I had lines to memorize that my mom helped me with and when the big day came, I shined. I don’t think anyone would ever know I was the most shy, most quiet girl in the class. I don’t even remember being nervous that day. I know I was very young…but I remember. My teacher had full confidence in me.


When I was in high school I took art class. I had the same teacher for art as I had for yearbook staff. I thought it strange but when I was in her art class she would tell me I could do whatever I wanted and I didn’t have to do the class assignments. She said she believed in what I had in my head and what I could do with it. I just thought it was because she liked me. I didn’t pursue my talent in art. I stopped drawing and painting by the time I was 19. But she saw something in me. I will never forget that.dont give up

When I was a young married women I went back to college for a time and took a writing class. I love to write. I remember a few weeks in we had a writing assignment. I wrote about Vietnam and I used my father-n-law as my inspiration. My paper was picked and read aloud to the class. She asked the class who they thought wrote the piece. Nobody guessed it was the shy girl with red hair that sat in the back. They all seemed pleasantly surprised and I was noticed that night and received a handful of really nice compliments.

portraitLooking back on some of my inspiring memories, I realize all 3 were TEACHERS who had faith in me. Do we give our teachers the credit they deserve? They shape our lives. Not all teachers are good but some are really great. I’m thankful for these teachers who had faith in me. Now to bottle their faith and make it my own. This is my challenge.

15 thoughts on “do you believe in yourself?

  1. I am so elated that you had teachers that believed in you and inspired you! I loved this post, girl and the photos were perfect.

  2. I love that you recognize aloof those that have stood beside you and sometimes even behind you to push you along your path! It amazing when we have those moments to see ourselves thru the eyes of others! You’re right, the hard part is believing and sustaining it! 🙂 I’m glad you plan to find and bottle your own faith, save some for a day you need a little extra!
    Having said that, I’m not surprised at all about the special talents a skills and love that others see in you, I see it everyday!

    1. I’m just about off to visit your blog, and thank you so much for these encouraging words. I know exactly how Mr. T does so well, how he believes in himself fully, it’s because his mom loves him, supports him and believes in him and has never given him any reason to doubt himself. You are doing such a good job Kate.

  3. did you paint that sun on the back fence, i think it is awesome! somehow your marriage scripture comes to mind here, ” Jeremiah 29:11
    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
    Love you

  4. It’s funny your post is about this. I have been thinking so much about this lately. I have days where I do believe and days where I don’t so much. I love that you had these defining moments where you were truly believed in. I am going to look up Dr. Phil’s book and more importantly sit down, and really think hard about moments that shaped who I am. You know what though, your posts always make me think about the big important things. And they always make me smile. 🙂 Shine on!!

    1. I read your taking stock last night but plan to re-visit to see your links and leave my love. you do the same for me you know, when you find the time to blog, when I get a message in my in-box that you have blogged, I get more than a little excited. Some of the things that shape us are not good but if we know how to overcome those things then we will be alright. I know you struggle with God, it can be a touchy subject. I have been able to find peace and find strength in His words and in his presence. It is my personal saving grace.

  5. I have ALWAYS seen a beautiful artist in you!! I have from the very beginning. So talented. I’ve loved your poems over the years.
    And to answer your question, I do believe in myself. Because of God’s grace, I do. I have been given everything I need for this life and I do alright. 🙂

    1. Lisa since I met you, you have been such a big encouragement in my life. I appreciate how you have always believed in me. I have watched your example too of how you do truly believe in yourself. Your faith and your love are witness to so many people around you. I appreciate you and I love you and I’m blessed to call you friend.

  6. I love this! It is amazing how much a little praise can do. I love your writing. and I love your photos & movies. They all have so much personality, that I couldn’t ever imagine them coming from a shy girl. Thank you for your wonderful moments in my world…
    Connie (the cosmic twin)

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