spring and remembering


I have not had a chance to look into making my blog a dot.org  but in the meantime.  I had a productive spring weekend.  What happened?

I painted a bookcase yellow

A chocolate cake was baked

We found the sweet blue eggs that are waiting to hatch

I planted the wild flowers for Aunt Louise

The yard was mowed

Good food was eaten

A little Laundry was done

Motorcycle man got a ride or two in

The jeep was smogged and tags paid

We listened

We prayed

We lived another day

And this week I hope to share with you, or anyone who cares to see… how the bookcase is coming along.  Totally free, completely useful and motorcycle man said “you made it look pretty” and that made me happy.

Here is my Sunday video.  A little slow and melancholy because it was dedicated to my great Aunt who left us in the fall and today we planted her wild flowers in hopes that they will bloom.  The secret word for my video…..is…..      love

8 thoughts on “spring and remembering

    1. thank you, you should give it a go on the video’s. btw, thank you for linking me some information on the wordpress .org and some of the pinterest plug-in. I’m heading over your way and I see you have a video on Bella and you speak Swedish to her!! I love that. Bella is so SMART! Now I need to figure out how to convert this blog to a .org so I can use the plug in:) I hope you do make a video with music soon, I would love to watch it.

      1. I didn’t know that .org had anything to do with it. I have another blog called http://www.anitathuna.com
        and there I can use all the plug-ins I need. But that is a prophoto theme built on wordpress platform so maybe that is the secret. It is too complicated 🙂 All I know is that if anything is free it has limits, and my photography blog is not for free.

  1. I love this…little bits of your weekend – you are so talented with you films…you have such way with light!

    Connie 🙂

  2. Love that shot of the plant – it’s gorgeous! Sounds and looks like such a great weekend! Mr. T performed at church on Sunday, and he left early and picked his girlfriend up and brought her with so she could visit our church and see him perform, it was pretty awesome!

  3. Sounds like you had a perfect week. The way it should be. I’ve stepped away from technology a bit and am trying to be a little more in the picture or present. I can’t wait to see your finished bookcase and your film was beautiful. As always. The music is still in my head and I just downloaded it too. Love to you Miss Tracie. xo

  4. 🙂 i remember motorcycle man pullin those stunts on me back in the day……..very meaninful n beautiful thanks for always sharing & dating ;). I see a video in your future with Grandpa roses bloomimg maybe hmmm?

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