We took a small trip to the desert this weekend. Worth the trip don’t you think?  All along the ride there were small desert flowers at the side of the road, and the cactus with the vibrant pink flowers were ready to explode.  While these bushes filled with yellow flowers were scattered about.  The birds were singing and the desert was blooming. I was glad to visit.  A long time ago I didn’t like the desert.  I was naive.  I just thought it was dry, dirt and had little to offer.  Thank goodness as I have added years I realize it’s gorgeous.  Many of the plants remind me of under the sea.  It’s really quote beautiful the brown and the blue. I’m so happy we get wiser as we age.  It’s an upside.

4 thoughts on “spring

  1. Funny, I used to “hate” the desert too. The more we went out there the more I learned to like it- it is pretty in its own way- the quietness, the vastness, the amazing night sky- all are beautiful to me now.

  2. This is so beautiful. Amazing that such a desolate place can produce such beauty. We have some amazing deserts here but I haven’t seen them up close. One day!! 🙂 Have a wonderful day Miss Tracie.

  3. I’m glad there is an upside to getting older – and as someone always on a journey myself, I’m just tickled to read when someone else has a personal growth moment! I’m glad you’ve come to appreciate all there is in the desert! 🙂 And, the picture is lovely!!!

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