Taking Stock MARCH 2015


MADE: these really yummy caramel brownies

COOKED: I’m always cooking but my favorite now is throwing things on the BQ

DRANK: This month I have been juicing lots and lots, trying to get my glow back

READ: (reading still) Brave book and one called Self Matters by Dr. Phil

WANTED: a record player…yep. Still want one of these. Have a perfect spot for it.

PLAYED: with my niece and sister-n-law as we shared a photo with each other each day

DECIDED: I want to paint my dining room gray and not peacock or white

WISHED: for more rain…yes still wishing

ENJOYED: a BQ with friends from work, a nice weekend in Landers and a moon date

WONDERED: If my medical test results will be nice and normal

PONDERED: how my garden grows – it’s so mind blowing to me

STARTED: to paint a new/old book case happy yellow…finished it too

WATCHED: 7 Little Johnstons. Super cool family.

HOPED: for the trees to show signs of life

NEEDED: a new routine

SMELLED:  BQ and fire pit smells of our California spring

WORE: new dress and jeans from a friend who donated a nice handful of clothes to me

NOTICED: trash can be picked up and photographed as “art”

KNEW: that I would love a new/old/free book case to house all our BOOKS!

THOUGHT: How great it will be when my sister’s husband returns to the states, he got his interview!!

ADMIRED: Tim and Sarah for taking such good care of H

SORTED: through my books and decided to donate a big box full

BOUGHT: a few succulents to plant

FINALLY: changed medical groups, had a physical, blood work and mammogram.  Self Care.

DISLIKED: my random judgmental thoughts

FELT: gratitude when all the babies were born in March starting with Fox Quinn, then Miracle Lynn and last to arrive in March, our families little warrior Caiden Chad who is a Gastroschisis baby and had to have surgery when he arrived but the little warrior baby is healing and doing better day by day.


SNACKED: still eating apples and drinking juice the green kind

WISHED: bad things didn’t have to happen

LISTENED: to the quite which can be good every so often

DISCOVERED: that “crazy is overrated”

SCRIPTURE: Galatians 5:22-23 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

I have loved this scripture for so long. It’s so very true and you know what’s even more special for me, our wedding anniversary is 5/22…so it helps me to remember the reference.

5 thoughts on “Taking Stock MARCH 2015

  1. Wonderful recap of March!
    A few years ago we were out camping, and I decided to run into town and visit the antique mall… naturally none of my friends wanted to go, so I had a blast taking my time… and then I had to call my parents and ask them to make a trip down there because I ended up buying a stereo cabinet with a working record player! Fortunately, it was only 25 minutes away and mom is always up for visiting an antique store! I left instructions at the desk that the unit was to be picked up and I went back to camping! 🙂
    Love it! One of my favorite purchases ever!

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