morning glow juice

IMG_3066This juice almost matches my dark orange walls!  I’m not happy with the picture but Austin really wanted to drink this juice so I could only take a quick snap shot.  My friend Kate sent me a pin yesterday and said this recipe reminded her of me.  I had to try it.  I’m always talking about getting my glow on!  I have been drinking GREEN juice for weeks now and a change sounded like a great idea.  I didn’t follow the exact recipe because the quantities sounded like it was for an entire family.  This is what I put in ours and I always add the chia seeds.  Austin siad he loves the chia in there because it’s like boba;)

7 carrots

a knob of ginger

2 gala apples

5 wedges of pineapple

the juice of half a big lime

and two spoonfuls of chia seeds

BEST juice yet!  However it takes a lot to make two glasses so this one will be a treat every so often.  Not too sweet and nice and tart!  Thank you KATE!

5 thoughts on “morning glow juice

    1. Wendy! I’m so happy you stopped by to visit today! That Glow tonic was amazing! Such a nice change from my green. I plan to follow you too. Looks like your blog has some really great stuff. Thank you for sharing.

  1. I’m just tickled that you made it – I just happened to see it and immediately you came to mind! It’s a massive bonus that you actually liked it! LOL!! I thought it was so pretty, and a bit different than what you had been drinking, so I’m glad you could modify it to fit your life!

  2. That color is stunning!! Can’t wait to see you get your paint on! Oh & i keep forgetting to mention to you our “photo” video is almost done, i wish id remembered to share it the other day, E says she gonna get me remaining photos during her Easter break! Thanks be to our Lord Jesus for what He has done for us all, no love or peace can compare, much love to you.

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