8 thoughts on “I have a new blog. Yep. leaving this space:(

  1. I tried to read your new squarespace blog. But it wouldn’t let me log in. I tried to join, and I googled how to join to read blogs but I couldn’t figure it out. I’ll keep trying to read your blog!!

    1. Kate! you’re so smart. I have no idea how to put other blog sites in my WP reader? Well, I won’t be using the WP reader so much more. I get emails when you post:) I’m glad you will still follow me. That makes me happy.

  2. Today I would like to nominate my blogging friend Tracie over at Life in the Wylde West. This is her new blog…I’m so excited to see where she goes with this. Tracie is also my cosmic twin. Though we have never met, we have so many parallels in our lives, it’s almost scary (but in a good way of course). She is so very talented, photography, film-making, stories…I sure hope I’m not adding too much to her already busy life.

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