GREEN straws and GOOD people

“By supporting our unique community you have participated in something amazing! You connected with a person & TRUSTED them to bring you something to enrich your life!”   this was the message

When I got home from work today and after picking up Moon Rebel, there were two packages sitting in my kitchen.  One , the oils I ordered for my mom and two, an unknown big brown box, mighty big box for what I found inside.  It came from a place in Newport Beach, “hey, that’s not too far from me!” The company, “Simply Straws”  Inside the box and wrapped carefully in lots of brown paper was a glass mug, a jar mug, with a lid and hole for a straw and a glass straw.  I have never drank out a glass straw before!  I had made juice this morning for breakfast for me and first-born and I thought…why not make a second batch so I can drink out of this amazing mug.  And so I did.

I rinsed my produce first.


then I poured it into my new really cool mug (it fit perfect). thank you simply straws and thank you mystery friend!  I may have an inkling who they may be…just maybe??  Did I mention I love to drink my juice from straws and now I can stop using the plastic straws I buy and my sweet friend Miss Moonspinner recently gave me a straw cleaner.  This will be just perfect.


I’m going to be painting my book-case today so I will be busy but I just wanted to share the good news.  That the community in which I belong to is very kind, very big-hearted and I’m very thankful for them.  I think my juice tastes better this way in this cool mug with the glass straw.  Yep, I’m sure of it.

Lastly I have been researching how to move my blog to a .org so I can have more control.  I wanted to give plug-ins a try today and realized because I use a .com with wordpress, I can’t use plug-ins.  And in case you are wondering what plug-ins are, welp, I don’t really know exactly.  It all started because I wanted to add that little pin on my pictures that you click on it and pin photo’s to pinterest.  I need a plug-in for that.  So today I will also be researching what that really means and how to possibly move my blog so I can make it more my own.  I think it’s time.

day 3

Day three of 2015, is far from perfect.  I’m tired.  My legs are burning because of the mis-treatment I give to them and I had a fairly large breakfast out this morning.  But let’s not freak out too much  about all that or the fact that Pablo and Simon seem to think the rug I put back under the dining table is a big pee “grass” for their peeing pleasures and let us not get too excited about the clutter that surrounds me that I’m almost exclusively responsible for.

Instead let us focus on the very lovely dinner I attended last night. (pictures below)  I few years ago I went on a glamping trip with my Aunt and cousin and I was introduced to some new friends.  My Aunt is so sweet to share her friends with me and so I gained a few new really wonderful friends.  Rhonda is one of them.  She tells the BEST stories, like on the edge of your seat sort of stories and she has the most quaint cottage you have seen, it reminds me of a darling bed and breakfast.  The sort of place that you would say “oh that’s so darling, I would love one of those” or “oh goodness, this is just like living in a fairy tale dream”  Rhonda has many gifts and being a caterer is just one of them.  Which means she cooks up all these amazing beautiful dishes.  And she shares them with her friends, but not just shares, she serves them and makes them feel extra special.   She is gracious and she shares her gifts abundantly.  She is giving like the giving tree, she just keeps giving when you think there is no more possible give to give, she gives more.  A great example of Christs LOVE.


do you see those dark things in the middle?  They are baby walnuts and you eat them whole shell and all.  Very soft, very yummy and paired perfectly with the goat cheese.  More info here on the walnuts