Things my mom taught me

How to be grateful for all the things we have, big or small

How to treat others as we would like to be treated

How to always say please and thank you

How to NOT judge a book by its cover

How my attitude is everything and it can make or break me

How to laugh with abandon…..the list goes on and on.  So much so that I was able to write her nearly an entire year’s worth of things I’m thankful for about her.  So much of the person I am today was shaped by my mother.  I’m fortunate enough to have a really great mom.  She was a young mom but she took her job serious and I benefited from her courage and commitment.  Other boys and girls were not as fortunate.  She took exceptional care of me.  I can’t thank her enough for that.  I still think she is the most beautiful person inside and out. She still protects me and she still wants the very best for me.  She will always be my mom no matter how old I keep getting.  I’m proud of her. It feels good to have a mom like her. So today.  I just wanted to acknowledge her, to say thank you.  I love you mom to the moon and back infinity squared.


Moon People Out and About

It’s that time again!  The Second Friday of the month where the moon gang gathers.  This time it was in my neck of the woods so I could introduce them to our Japanese Dollar store and our awesome Asian bakery.  We decided that our outings usually include for sure these few things, our gas tanks are typically on empty, we have to make a U-turn at least once and usually includes one or many of the following; agriculture, thrifting, food, wanderings, crafting (in future plans) and always, always without fail there is coffee involved.   Before we  visited the new Asian shopping center we first decided to go take a peek at the tulip mans front yard.  He happens to live in the town I grew up in and not too far from my home now.  Oh goodness, it was so pretty his front yard, much like a sweet cottage from another country.  The sky was so blue on this day too, very beautiful were the colorful flowers against the green grass and the blue sky and his trees were just beginning to get new leaves for spring.  Take a look below at some of the pictures from his yard.

IMG_3030Not only did he have boat loads of tulips, he also had my favorite spring flower, daffodils!

IMG_3036We were hoping he might pop out to say hello, but no such luck on this day


IMG_3042I really loved this ruffley one, I had not seen one like this before

IMG_3043It really had me wanting to plant some bulbs next year but it’s a lot of hard work digging deep

IMG_3052That’s our very own MoonDaisy back there taking it all in!

IMG_3056The Moon Gang in shadow form

Our very next stop, Daiso Japan oh, how I adore this store and it’s so close to my house, it’s dangerous!  So we carefully combed the aisles of Daiso and I personally love how so much of the stuff in this store is just plain happy!  literally many of the products have smiles on them.  Check it out:)

IMG_3059Happy little trash cans and tissue box covers

IMG_3061makes cleaning kind of fun!

IMG_3062After combing the aisles of Daiso we walked across the parking lot to 85 Degrees to grab our cup of coffee and share a few pastries.  We were very excited to find they made half-moon cakes!!! So we ordered our coffee and sat outside enjoying the California weather.  Not to mention, hearts are usually also found on our outings of course!!

IMG_3065See half-moon cakes!!

IMG_3067getting ready to open up some moon cake, see the piggy timer?  That was a gift from Miss Moonspinner to MoonDaisy!  MoonDaisy sort of has a thing for pigs.

IMG_3068some of the best hearts are inside coffee

IMG_3070Fluffy, light and not too sweet

IMG_7313MoonMama gifted me this sweet heart espresso cup and saucer, it was the most adorable espresso cup I have ever seen!

IMG_3071And the day!  It came to a close but not before we did our famous foot shot, notice Me and MoonDaisy picked up some acupuncture slippers for a buck-fifty, they have coffee beans and cups on them.  She got some so I had to try too, she tells me they are good for circulation!

Montly weight loss and healthy living style update


March 1st 2014 not a single pound down ….THIS IS SO HARD 174 just like in February

January 1 2014

January 2014 180

It’s  that TIME again!  Time for that once a month update I promised I would give.  Let me first focus on all the good things in regards to February 2014.  Although really great things happened in February, I did not lose a single pound.  I mean at one point I did, there were a couple of days I was down for a total of 8 pounds but it went back up and stayed there.  So no weight loss this month it remains at 6 pounds total lost, and you want to know my real honest true feelings??  I’m discouraged, I’m upset, it sucks.  Yep, those are my true feelings.  I feel like giving up.  But I WILL NOT.  Don’t worry I’m still doing this.  Back to the positive things.

I walked 21 out of 28 days in February, I exceeded my goal!!

I tried the cool salad in a jar trick I saw on Pinterest.  It’s AMAZING!!

I drank plenty of water!

I have logged my calories every day for 58 days in a row on “my fitness pal”

When I have gone out to eat I order water to drink and only eat half my meal.  Because I still order things I love.

Two different gals at Bible study told me I was looking “good”  I’ll take it!

I got a tattoo!

Girl Scout cookies arrived.  I bought 10 boxes this year to support the little troopers I know and well; the thin mints sort of get me.  The rest I can pass on.

Although I didn’t lose a single pound in February, I’m newly energized for the month of March because we just started a pool at work for weight loss.  So we are competing (for money) so that will hopefully get me to think a little harder and longer about what I choose to do each day.

Lastly I will share my goals for March with you.

I plan to walk at least 4 times a week.

Eat breakfast every single day.

I plan to stretch nearly every night because I have a goal to do the splits just like my littlest and only girl.  We have a really cool and exciting blog called “Life in the 7 Cea’s”    In this blog Abbie and I share healthy snacks, and activities we do with each other to lead a healthy lifestyle.  It’s fun because it’s a shared blog with our friends in Australia Cathie and Jess another mother daughter team with the same healthy goals.  It’s so adorable, I hope you will stop by and check it out.

grateful for the rain and legs that move me

rain walkLast night I walked in a drizzle.  It’s the best time to walk.  The smell of the wet asphalt is completely nostalgic for me, the mist on my face felt cold and I was so appreciative for the little bit of rain that fell upon our dry land.

I’m not very good at handling cold.  It was cold for me, the California native.  I wore grandpa’s hat.  I cherish his hat.  He left us too soon and his hat brings me comfort along with the roses he gave me that I watch bloom throughout the year.  His aloe vera plant that is bursting to seed right now at this very moment. I hold these things close.  I know they are just things but they are also reminders to me of a great man.  So I hold them close and I feel special when I wear his hat.  It keeps my ears warm in the California cold, drizzly night.  I walk and I remember him.

rain walk 2

I smell the smoky wood from a few fireplaces blazing, I smell wet grass, I see glistening sidewalks and I’m grateful that I have legs that move me.  Today it’s simple – being thankful for the sprinkles.

mint tea in a new tea cup

How many ways can I photograph my tea?  Let me count thy ways!  I took about 20 if you want to know the truth of the matter but I’m only sharing NINE.  You see today I had the pleasure of meeting my mom for lunch.  It was a perfect gray and drizzly day.  WE got just a tiny bit of rain here today which we desperately need.  I had the best lunch with mom and since it was cold we decided tomato soup and splitting a sandwich would be just right. I love talking to her, I could talk to her for hours, she is very supportive and positive and nice to be around.  I’m blessed to love my mom so much I know not all mother daughter relationships are close.   I could really go on about my mom but today I wanted to share with you the tea-cup I bought.  (she bought two really cool things too)  We saw this orange dainty saucer and tea-cup, the floral print was gorgeous but we were quite taken by the bold orange on the cup!  I mean normally these dainty pretty cups are soft and pastel and you know not so BOLD.  I fell instantly in love with it but didn’t really want to pay 12.00 for it.  So I passed it up.  My mom said “you need that cup, it’s so you”  And just as she was standing in line to pay for her things I said, “I’m going to get that cup”  walked back to get it.  She said “you need both!”  I settled for the one and decided I would for sure have my tea out of it this afternoon!   So here are the pictures of the tea-cup in many different angles and light.  I know orange isn’t for everyone but I love it.  So much so I have an orange tea kettle, orange walls and now this orange tea-cup and saucer. I read somewhere that orange promotes creativity.  So it’s all good.

IMG_1358 IMG_1367 IMG_1371 IMG_1377 IMG_1386 IMG_1387 IMG_1389 IMG_1394 IMG_1399And in the end….there was a heart!!

It’s a small world

I have this book called 99 things to do when you have time.  Number  5 was to look up lyrics to a song you half remembered.  I know it’s sort of crazy out of all the really, really great music out there that I would pick “It’s a small world”  I just remember a few years back when the kids were small and we could afford season passes to Disneyland back then the prices were kind of reasonable.  Any way, I have such great memories of Disneyland with the kids.  Abbie claims to barely remember the times we spent at Disneyland, she is the youngest  so technically she didn’t get as much time in as the boys. The point of my story is, I never got tired of the ride “It’s a small world”  I love how happy it is, the feeling of the boat crashing up against the sides and the splashy water sound and the COLOR, all the awesome color, and the big melting pot of all different ethnic groups from around the globe, smiling, holding hands and being united.  I looked up the simple lyrics today and as simple as they are.  I believe them with my whole heart.  It’s just wholesome stuff.

small worldThis was my last trip in “It’s a Small World” Feb. 2010

This simple song brought back a flood of memories from the time Tim our cousin treated all of us to a day at Disneyland, but not just Disneyland but the exclusive Club 33.  I had never been to Club 33 before or since in all my days living in California.  I decided to share a few images from that day.  I think this is one of our last trips to Disneyland that I can remember.  Our kids nearly grew up there, or at least the boys.  When we had passes we would go on Friday’s after work or even some days during the week.  Abbie again being the littlest and only girl didn’t get as many years there before the prices went way up.  I remember on this day it was raining, which didn’t bother me for one second, I had a rain jacket, rain boots and rain hat and I LOVE the RAIN. This also meant the crowds were less the lines were shorter and that made for a very awesome day.  I still have such gratitude for Tim and Patrick treating our families to such a wonderful and memorable experience.  It seems like just yesterday.

tim and kidsTim is so good with the kids.   Here he is with the two littles.

tim and abbieAbbie got rides from not only Tim but….

matt abbieother cousin Matt too

rainy daySee what I mean about rain.  I promise this is few people compared to summer time rush

all of usOur family with the generous givers

club 33A peek at club 33, Abbie even had me take pictures in the bathroom, I’ll spare you that

fairylandthe girls in fairyland oh, and one boy too!

tim and the laws

It’s a world of laughter and a world of tears

It’s a world of hopes and a world of fears

There’s so much that we share

It’s a small world after all

There is just one moon

And one golden sun

And a smile means friendship to everyone

Though the mountains divide

And the oceans are wide

It’s a small world after all

A small, small world

trips to the moon


Trips to the moon are always so much fun.  Yesterday the moon was even out and centered just perfectly between the palm trees  and we just knew that was a good sign.  I’m just a little surprised I didn’t take a picture of it.  I had to cross two big bridges just to get there and I’m not too much of a thrill seeker so crossing a big bridge is about as thrilling as I get.  I took a picture of it and I know I probably shouldn’t do that sort of thing when I drive but it was just a quick point and shoot and I managed to keep myself and my jeep inside the lanes and safely made it to the other side of the bridge.  The picture was really worth it though cause the bridge is just so petty and grand. The prettier of the two bridges is the  Vincent Thomas Bridge and the one I  took a picture of.  It was just picture worthy.

photo (10)

Our 3rd gathering of the moon people was at a really cool place called  crafted and if you are local and want to see some really cool hand crafted gifts, I would recommend it.  IMG_0362

However I would recommend one go on a Saturday or Sunday.  We went on a Friday (they are only open btw three days a week Friday, Saturday and Sunday) but Friday’s are a little slow, as in most the booths were not even open.  That part made me sad but still we had such a great time.  I only spent 6.50!  5.50 was on a specialized really freshly roasted coffee.  Still have yet to taste it cause motorcycle man left way too early today and I want to make sure and enjoy it with him.  Second was a bumper sticker that reads “reading happens”  I think the only other purchaser of goods was Miss Moonspinner who purchased this amazing book called “walk when the moon is full”  it’s a children’s book and it was only $2.00 and we have plans for this book, it will become our moon people adventure notebook and it will be transformed into a place we log all our adventures at.  Miss Moonspinner also bought a rad book bag.


So we didn’t spend very much money there but it’s not cause I didn’t want to, I wanted some soaps and bath salts and lotions and  candles,  some pretty flower pins for my hair  oh and jewelry! My favorite open jewelry spot was this one.

IMG_0365 moonwalk

I also was blessed with some love in the form of hearts.  My favorite of all the hearts I received from Miss Moon Daisy was the red heart that I will show here with my littlest and only girl holding it and leave it up to her to figure out there is something inside, she wiggled it around and we heard something inside there.  I almost want to bust it open but I don’t’ really want to break a heart, if you know what I mean?


On my way home crossing over both those bridges again and nearly running out of gas, well not really but it was on E for a good long while and I was in dead stop traffic and I got a little nervous so I got off in Paramount for a little gas and jumped back onto the parking lot.  I was very hungry so I stopped to get a little kids hamburger and water from McDonald’s where I was offered a free hot fudge sunday and of course I took it, it was a gift.  One should never say no to a gift, just remember that. Finally after detours, gas and free ice-cream I made it to take my littlest and only girl to her big cheer reunion event.  And that was that.


I’m not exactly finished yet, lastly, I’m so excited because this Sunday, tomorrow the hours will be going live and I’m just honored to be a part of these 32 other woman who will be sharing this month a picture shot between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7:59 and I’m in the first pool.  And my shot well it’s nothing very exciting and I was very intimidated to be with all these talented gals but for me it was a real live true moment that meant the world to me.  It was just a glimmer in time and a very every day moment but it will never happen exactly the same way it happened in that moment.  With one click I got it and well, sounds like I’m building it up quite a bit, it’s a very normal every day moment actually but to me, it means something. 

One might do this

When one has some free time in-between getting home from work

and picking up soccer player


the littlest and only girl

One might start by eating lunch

Then one might decide to strip their quilt off their bed and lay it out in the sun


Because a wise Eastern doctor told one it was good  thing to do

Every day if  possible

Which that’s not really the case for this particular one

So when this particular one does it

She feels good about oneself

Then one sees the animals all around her and becomes quickly distracted by all their wonder

One decides taking lots of pictures of them would be a perfect idea

Only the shy kitty is harder to photograph and she has to take her time slowly sneaking up

Until she got only just a little bit closer

And he runs away

This just meant,  one went on to the kitty that doesn’t mind

if one sticks the lens nearly straight in his face

All the while getting shadowed by a big dog and a little dog

All at once

She decides to also take their pictures

and sort of gets caught up in the animal photo session

Then one thinks trying out her timer

in between stripping off her bed sheets of course

would be a fun to do

Why not lie on top the dining table

it’s a better way to view the room

or the ceiling rather

One realizes just how old she is

because she feels motion sickness


she gets up




and up again to try different shots with her timer

Like real live motion sickness

as if she is trying to read her favorite magazine

While on the winding roads of the local mountains

Not a smart idea

That’s what one might do when one gets off work and is waiting for her children to be done with practices


to distract herself from eating tons of sweets


That’s what she really wants to do

IMG_0302 IMG_0305 IMG_0308 IMG_0311 IMG_0314 IMG_0317 IMG_0320 IMG_0323 IMG_0324 IMG_0347 IMG_0348 IMG_0349 IMG_0350 IMG_0353 IMG_0354Yep sometimes one’s posts may be just this stupid but one gets chuckles out of it because who would imagine one of 43 doing these sorts of things with her days??


It sure is a Monday.  I’m feeling really overwhelmed today.  The house is a mess (yep I choose this over that) but it has me feeling anxious just the same.  This will be quick.

IMG_0177 rare sighting of Simon the recluse, so pretty.  He is such a pretty and strange behaved cat?

Aunt Mel gave me a few really, really great ideas when we had a nice conversation this weekend.  The first is a new breakfast item, or any time of the day snack.  Check out these ham and cheese cups.  So easy and my fitness pal gives them with the information I put in a total calorie intake per serving of 160 calories.  I just had one for breakfast with my cup of coffee.  But today when I got home from work I had one for lunch with my kale salad.  It was quick and easy to re-heat and tasted really just as great the next day.


Told you it would be short and sweet.   but before I leave…I leave you with this,  the two most adorable girls visited yesterday and watched t.v. with motorcycle man for a while.  I’ll just give you a peek at their sweetness, since they are not mine to share entirely their faces.  But I promise you, oh the sweetest faces they have.  Just close your eyes and picture the clearest sparkle blue eyes, and rosy cheeks with fair angel hair and the sweetest face you can think of…that’s them.


tulips and change and most importantly…..thank you.


First and foremost HOLY WOW and THANK YOU all for your tremendous support.  I feel as if I have the biggest support team ever for this healthy journey of mine.  Seriously I can’t let you all down and most of all I can’t let myself down.  I owe it to my kids and family to take the best possible care of myself and for too long I have let this very important facet of my life just sit at the sidelines with no real importance.  When really it’s so very important to take care of our (as my friend Vanessa best said it)  “vessels which hold our beautiful souls”  Our bodies are gifts and we should treat them as such.  So once more, thank you so very much for all your enormous support, it means so very much to me.  I may post recipes or food here or there but I will not post progress but once a month as not to overwhelm myself or anyone else watching. I’m not here to elaborate on all my past fails.  This is by far not my first attempt at good health but it is a new day and a new year and looking forward will be much healthier.

Yesterday I took my word CHANGE serious and attended a small gathering with Abbie and her new friends from her new school with new mom’s I had not met. Normally I would avoid this sort of thing at most every cause.  I don’t really want to meet new people and talk about things that are small talk.  Plus I’m really extremely shy.  But I went and my best encouragement came from my only and littlest girl, she said “Mom, you are the most creative and crazy mom I know! you will be okay” Crazy, yes.  In my own comfort zone but not among strangers.  It went better than great.  The women were really welcoming and beautiful inside and out.  I’m so happy I made the change and went.  I think this word is going to turn my life upside down.

I also took a few minutes of my day and took pictures of the graceful tulips we brought home from Trade Joes.  I decided to take them from various angles.  Just more practice you know. I love watching them bend and open.

IMG_0112 IMG_0121 IMG_0122 IMG_0125 IMG_0132 IMG_0133 IMG_0137