Today I’m going to cook a 25 pound turkey and since I get home after 2:00 p.m. our bird may not be done till 9:00 p.m. (picture eyes bulging out!!) **warning** it cooks twice as fast in one of these bags.  It was MORE than done by 6 p.m.


Today I baked crescents, the kind we buy at Trader Joes in the frozen section. We set them out over night to rise then bake them in the morning! The house smelt sooo good. It even woke Awesome ( and yes I mean awesome) up early….oh the smell of fresh-baked goodness on a chilly morning.

Today I took littlest and only girl to school. It’s pajama day so she went cozy.

Today I ate the crescents with my friends at work, we had hot tea and crescents with other yummy treats, we talked we laughed and that was our Christmas gift to each other.

Today we will not talk about what I did at work, except for the part about having tea with my friends

Today I will do bunny yoga by the light of the Christmas tree.


Today I will pick up Moon Rebel and his friend Shawn from school.

Today I will then pick up littlest and only girl and our neighbor from the high school.

Today I will vacuum our floors

Today I will put up the dishes and wipe down the counters (Moon Rebel stepped in to help)

Today I will light a few candles

Today I will make my bed


Today I will talk to God

Today I plan to write a letter back to a friend. (this happened more like 2:44 a.m. but I still count it as the same day)

Today I’m sure we will build a toasty fire.

Today I will bring the mail in.

Today I will make midafternoon coffee, maybe a seasonal flavor in the coffee press (I snuck in a snack too)


Today I will be sure to hug the children and Mr. Motorcycle man. (bonus) lots of Aunts and Uncles were here from up north…so I got lots of hugs in today..yesterday.

Today I will play music.

Today I will blog about today  which was actually yesterday and so when there isn’t much to blog about. One blogs about their day. Because I must write.   I just must.

ordinary . extraordinary days


“May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder”  John O’Donohue

You see as I made a deal with myself to enjoy December and not get all caught up in the hustle, bustle holiday chaos, I have decided to slow down.  Release Control.  Be quiet.  Enjoy.  In making this choice, things have happened like this, playing cards by the fire with littlest and only girl.  I have decided after much thought to just leave the tree bare with its simple white lights.  The tree in itself holds such a simple beauty.  And I’m grateful to Michelle who gave me the idea to create 31 envelopes with 31 ideas.  Playing games was yesterday’s envelope.  Today we get to try a new food, something we have never had before.  Our envelopes are filled with things to enjoy together along with random acts of kindness.


If you look closely you will see, littlest and only girl doesn’t even pull these cards in any particular order (another area I had to release control of)  I found this LOVE at Target the other night.  I wasn’t looking for it, it was just there! I could not pass it up.  I have a weakness for these things, anything that lights up, coffee mugs and chairs. So we do have this little bit of decoration up.  I will most likely keep it up for the long-term because LOVE is a powerful thing and I think it’s power should shine all year-long.