time of cleanse

How many of you read the “Red Tent” by Anita Diamant? I read it a very long time ago but I remember not being able to set it down. The red tent title refers to the tent all women had to go when they were on their cycle or giving birth, they found mutual support from other women while here in this red tent.  I have often sort of wished we still had a place like this to just BE while we are on our cycle.  A place where all the other people there just get it. Can you guess where I’m going with this?  Yep, it’s that time for me and it explains a lot.  I get all itchy during this time, I crave sweets and I can be a little cranky.  This also explains why three days ago all I could think about was a dark chocolate milky way.  I never ate it by the way but it flooded my thoughts all day long. I just recently read in “The Body Ecology Diet” that our cycle is a time of cleansing and women should consider it a wonderful opportunity to eliminate toxins. So I’m glad today that I am here, it’s only a short while of discomfort and blah-ness.  I will give my body rest during this time as I need it and enjoy warm healthy soups filled with veggies and if we are lucky we will get a little rain by Sunday.  Sunday will be a perfect day to cuddle up by the fire and just BE.  I’m drinking my lemon water and the mint was in the “must sell by today” pile for much less money, so I picked up the mint too.  I just love the smell of mint.

Happy weekend to all.