Every day may not be good. But there is something good in every day.

bad days

It’s true you know.  Like yesterday for instance.  I nearly had a melt down and bought a gallon of ice cream when the dresses I was trying on looked so horrible on what I thought was my new and improved body. So I did what every social media junkie does.  I posted my frustration. And then do you know what happened?  A flood of positive feed back came in.  Friends even suggested things I could wear, some friends even offered their own clothes.  And in the end I realized it doesn’t matter what my body looks like, people don’t even see that.  They see ME.  I had just been taught the very same lesson I was teaching my girl the very day before as she was curled in a ball on her bed, crying because nothing looked good on her and her body was not “perfect” it’s not like “her friends” I told her this and I’m not even sure if I said the right thing or not.  I said “Abbie, sometimes my clothes don’t fit right and I feel yucky and I compare myself to my skinny friends, and then I realize my body is good, I can walk and I can jump and I can swim, I also know that my friends/family see me different from how I see myself, they see joy and love and they see straight through to my insides and they love me for exactly who I am and Abbie, that’s how I see you!  I see you as a beautiful girl with a big, big heart full of love and joy and so you radiate by just being you”  And then alas the very next day….I try on dresses and have a melt down.  Sigh….being human can be such a challenge.  But when I’m down God always seems to send the perfect people to cheer me up.  So we keep going, each day we just keep going.  Like “The Little Engine that Could” 

and when you have that attitude of I can and you just keep trying then eventually you will reach your goal.  So I’m not giving up and I’m going to continue to encourage my girl and show her how gorgeous she is by being who God created her to be, full of light, love and joy, with a pretty singing voice and sparkly eyes and she has the gift of touch and love, she gives the best hugs. Pretty soon, she will believe it too.