day 27 baking, walking and looking forward to a full 30 days

Today was a regular kind of day.  I went to work but first had my hot water and lemon, then scrambled up two eggs with some fresh salsa.  I took a chunky quinoa salad to work basically similar to my other quinoa but this time I had even more goodness in it like zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and cilantro.  I love cilantro and so many things.  Got home from work and had some of the good old stand by chicken veggie soup.

Our Bible study group has dinner tomorrow night and our group decided to make breakfast for dinner for all the other groups, I volunteered muffins.  I made two dozen pumpkin chocolate chip, one dozen blueberry and one dozen banana.  Almost filled a good size basket and in all that baking I kept wanting to lick my fingers but instead I kept rinsing them in the sink water and I did sneak four chocolate chips.  After time I will work on a natural muffin, gluten free with say a natural sweetener but for now I do what I know.

I then wanted some fresh air so went for a tiny stroll.  I’m making baked chicken and broccoli for dinner with probably a big ol salad.

I remain itchy as can be and sometimes I wonder if I just don’t’ want to get better because I have major scratch attacks, I feel like I should avoid going to the bathroom at all cost because the minute I see my scabby legs I just want to scratch them and the more I scratch the more they itch and it’s like this vicious cycle.  I ask for strength but I do nothing on my part to uphold that end of the bargain.

Katie and Abbie made oatmeal raisin cookies after I made my muffins, it was so cute, they also made some hot tea and drank them out of our wedding china tea cups.  In fact they are still baking and I’m waiting to make my chicken.

One day at a time. Today is day 27.