morning light

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Our next assignment is morning light.  Although I claim to be a night owl I can really appreciate mornings and especially the beautiful East rising sun.  My kitchen and dining room face the East and they receive the most gorgeous light in the morning.  And it’s a quick-moving light and the shadows on the wall change and shift within moments.  Let me just say, when I read prompt number three I was so excited.  I thought, this will be so easy.  Words used like “quiet reassurance”  “inner peace” and “calm”  Sometimes my mornings can be anything but those lovely descriptions however when I stop and drink in that perfect light it can feel that way just for an instant.


On rare occasions when I get up extra early before the sun truly begins to leak in, is when I have had the quiet before the kids get out of bed.  This is rare but it is cherished.  Sometimes I will even walk outside and watch the sun come up and listen to the birds as they begin their day too.  There is nothing like a morning.  It has a feel completely all its own.


On a typical day motorcycle man is up first, he makes our coffee and unlike me, he seems to be more of a morning person.  He sings, he jokes around, he waters the grass, he will even do weird things like trim around the sprinklers with a pair of scissors all before going to work for the day.  Me….I’m quiet, I’m a little tiny bit cranky and I only laugh at his jokes once he says “okay, that’s it, if you don’t start laughing I’m going to quit”  Then I actually realize he has been doing a silly jig right in front of my face as I’m nearly spaced sort of looking through him rather than really grasping what’s happening.  Then I laugh.  I do actually laugh.  He can get me almost every time, I’m just a little slow.


Again my friend Christina is doing the same thing on her side of the country and I’m curious, so curious what she will show us.  You can visit her at 22 limes, you will be glad you did.  She see’s things outside of the box.