carrot cake

My mom had a birthday this week.  So we decided to make her favorite cake and invite mom and dad over for her birthday dinner this week.  In August of 2012 my friend Staci Lee posted an amazing recipe for carrot cake on her beautiful blog where she even shows us the most incredible pictures of the process.  I have had it in my head ever since I read her post.  Me, I’m not a big fan of carrot cake but I know it’s my mom’s favorite so I kept this in the back of my head until this week two years later, we try her recipe.   Basically Sister Sarah came over to help us with the baking a few days before our gathering.  All Sarah and I did was shred the carrots and my littlest and only girl baker did the rest all by herself.  The blog and it’s pictures and directions made it nice and simple for my girl.  My mom had got us these really groovy baking caps from Italy when she was there so I thought you may just want to see what they look like as well as the baking team.  The smell was just amazing.  It smelt like a cozy fall day, only it was 98 degrees outside.  I can’t wait for it to drop a some degrees around here.


IMG_9122IMG_9170and when you run out of napkin holders, heart-shaped rocks do a fine job.

The day couldn’t be more perfect.  I had ordered my mom a picture book from our summer trip to her Arkansas home and it wasn’t supposed to arrive until next week. When I got home from work yesterday it was sitting in on the front porch.  Hello AMAZING!  Then we had a vacuum problem.  My vacuum sucks so much it sucked a pair of Abbie’s socks right up and plugged up the hose.  So this gave me and Moon Rebel a little challenge.  It took us a while to figure out how to take the vacuum a part but when we did, he had a plan!  We couldn’t seem to push the socks out with the little golf club we used but his idea was brilliant.  He got one of grandpa’s fishing hooks, some string and a drum stick, made a little tool thing and fished the socks out of the tube.  We laughed and sort of had a bonding moment of sorts.  My cleaning got sort of pushed back a little but mom didn’t mind watching me finish up my vacuuming while she visited with our first to be born who is rarely around these days being 19 and all, so it was also great honor to have him there.  He even ate dinner and dessert with us and then watched the movie I made for my mom.  It was a very, very good night.

IMG_9165IMG_9162Why do my most favorite pictures end up blurry!!! I should do myself a favor and keep my camera on auto when we have family gatherings.

IMG_9173 This picture makes me so happy.  You have no idea.

Abbie and her cousin did a most excellent job decorating the carrot cake.  I couldn’t have made it look as nice.  Abbie sort of went decorating crazy and I found little bits of her frosting art here or there.  I think we have a baker on our hands:)  or at least a decorator.