morning glow juice

IMG_3066This juice almost matches my dark orange walls!  I’m not happy with the picture but Austin really wanted to drink this juice so I could only take a quick snap shot.  My friend Kate sent me a pin yesterday and said this recipe reminded her of me.  I had to try it.  I’m always talking about getting my glow on!  I have been drinking GREEN juice for weeks now and a change sounded like a great idea.  I didn’t follow the exact recipe because the quantities sounded like it was for an entire family.  This is what I put in ours and I always add the chia seeds.  Austin siad he loves the chia in there because it’s like boba;)

7 carrots

a knob of ginger

2 gala apples

5 wedges of pineapple

the juice of half a big lime

and two spoonfuls of chia seeds

BEST juice yet!  However it takes a lot to make two glasses so this one will be a treat every so often.  Not too sweet and nice and tart!  Thank you KATE!

encouragement like a letter from home

You know on Survivor when they are just zapped of all energy and feeling maybe a little discouraged?  They win a reward and get to read letters from home and it’s like a dose of energy and a new outlook on the game.  Today when I got to work I found a beautiful little plant of mini roses and a note from my Mr. and it was full of encouragement and it felt like I had a fresh outlook  on what I’m doing.  My Mr. knows how to lift me up and how to support me.  When I first came home on September 27th (34 days ago) from my doctors appointment I was sobbing like a baby.  Rich was concerned and came home from work to sit with me, just  to be there.  I cried so hard I could barely breathe.  The idea of giving up all the things I loved and found comfort in seemed very overwhelming but he assured me I could do it.  He even put away the coffee pot and cleaned the cupboards of all the junky stuff that may be tempting.  He began to eat sort of like me when we sat down for meals or went out, he didn’t leave me alone to make these choices. He was right there by my side doing the same thing.  Ordering water, and grilled chicken and salads and fish and declining dessert and coffee.  He sent me a few scriptures during this past month, and the words were so perfect.  You know the one that helps keep us all strong, Philippians 4:13 “I can do everything through him who give me strength.” and this one, this one really got me, Exodus 23:25 “Worship the Lord your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you.”   Or he will say things like “tomorrow is another day, one step closer to healing” Basically there is NO WAY I can fail with the support I have from Rich, my family and my friends, my Bible study group…. absolutely NO WAY.  People tell me I’m strong, they say I have willpower but the fact is, it’s the encouragement and accountability that keep me on track.

Today I stopped by the store on my way home  from work and picked up some quinoa in the form of pasta, an avocado and red onion.  The rest I had at home.  I boiled up the pasta and began to cut up all the colorful veggies to add to the mix.  I love pretty food, I love colorful food and my food has to be nicely presented most of the time before I eat it.  It’s my love for food, good food, indulgent food, just meals in general.  Presentation means a lot to me.  Now that I’m eating a completely different kind of food that has no sugar, no wheat/gluten and no caffeine well I have to have a new outlook on what’s GOOD.  I still think chocolate chip cookies are good, and I still have nothing against a good cup of coffee but that will come back in time and until then I will keep trying to be creative with my healthy food.  I know the options are pretty endless and I have great resources.