healthy dinner with friends and new funky desserts

I have had a busy little weekend and today it feels good to rest.  But let me talk about Saturday.  I got up had my hot water with lemon and eggs with salsa plus all my vitamins and stuff then drove out to support a good friend and her daughter with a fundraiser for diabetes, craft for a cure!  I got some really wonderful warm hugs, got to take in all the smiles and picked up a few gifts and even though it was the quickest turn around ever, it was well worth it.

I got back just in time to have some left over steak and a cauliflower for lunch and take off to see Dylan’s soccer game with one of my oldest and best-est friends and when I say oldest, I mean the friend I have know the very longest in my life, Miss Ronda Lee a.k.a. Daisy Sunshine and her equally amazing and beautiful daughters.  We met when she was a mere 3 year old and I age 4, been friends ever since, can’t pull us apart cause we are like soul friends.  So yep she and her girls watched D-mans game and we don’t want to elaborate on that too much if you know what I mean.  Let’s just say they were down some players and didn’t seem to have much heart for the game.  We talked bout what we could conjure up for a healthy dinner, we came up with chicken, fish, a packed salad, cauliflower, roasted peppers and red onions and brown rice.  I didn’t really end up eating the rice so much but everything else was so yum.  Ronda enjoyed her wine, I my water and we gathered around the table, we played apples to apples and went for a walk around the school.  Such a really great night, it filled my soul.  I love to be gathered around food and drink and now I know it’s very possible to have the same kind of fun and fellowship around a healthy meal that doesn’t include, sugar, wheat/gluten, dairy, caffeine or alcohol.  

Thank you Rich for taking our pictures last night.  That’s why he isn’t in any of them, he was the one shooting!  I sure love that man.

I stuck some cookies in the oven for everyone, so they could enjoy oooey gooey, warm chocolate chip cookies while we played our game and I tried this recipe that my sister-n-law Jenn sent.  I will put the recipe on my recipe page but it’s supposedly like a little chocolate bite with almond.  My first try was  DISASTER, we passed the little chocolate around the table and made these dreadful faces of disgust with each tiny bite.  I think I didn’t add enough stevia.  I have since re-made them and they are much more edible and I also added raspberries a suggestion from Daisy.  Austin said “raspberries were a good call”  Jenn said she added almond butter and mint to hers.  I suppose the options are endless.  I have to be honest though, they are NOT I repeat NOT as good as a really good dark chocolate candy bar.  Not even close but when one can’t have that really good piece of chocolate YET, they will have to do.

Lastly, I’m thankful for long time friends who stand the test of time.

Day of Rest

We got up and went to church this morning and when we returned it was a gray day and I was tired.  I decided to give my body what it was asking for and today that was rest.  Rich made a fire and I took a nap.  This isn’t easy for me to do, I often even though I may be tired  I will continue with my day, clean and things like that.  Today was different as I have been reading Body Ecology we are to respect this time of the month so I did.  When I woke up I felt refreshed and had some left over soup from last night.  Such a simple soup but all very good for me.  I ate up some brussel sprouts and have been drinking my water.  I’m standing at 170, it seems to be a natural weight for me because for the past 6 or so years it’s exactly where I stay.  The fact that I had climbed to 182 was so alarming and now I wait.  I believe if I continue to eat healthy without sugar, dairy or wheat/gluten I will continue to go down until my body reaches its ideal weight for my frame.  By Thursday I can add berries and apples, I can hardly wait. I also wasn’t able to get the anti-fungal today but plan to by tomorrow.  I read that Coconut oil – medium-chain triglycerides in the oil have anti-fungal activities and I use coconut oil to cook my eggs and also use it in place of a lotion.  Sometimes I’m afraid to take too many things besides anything very natural because of possible side effects but if it’s not used for prolonged periods it should be okay.  Again how would I really know this?