coloring with miss moonspinner – juxtaposition

cadet blue

Juxtaposition. I have seen this word a lot in the photography world and I knew what it meant simply by seeing examples through the years when other photographers place two images next to each other for comparison or contrast. I have been working with my cousin for…eh hum…cough, cough….a few years now on a project I call “coloring with Miss Moonspinner” Basically a few years ago I picked us both up a big box of crayons and we were to pick a crayon out of the box and seek out that color. At first we were ON FIRE, we cracked the first several colors out. Then we became just a tiny bit relaxed and we share this trait she and I where we are not in any big hurry for things so we would laugh about how we have been carrying cadet blue around for, well….at least a year now. Last week she sent me her version of cadet blue. I thought, “Oh man, pressure is on. I now need to go seeking my cadet blue. “She isn’t placing the pressure on me, nope. She truly wouldn’t mind if it took me another few months to find the perfect cadet blue match up! But then I saw in my fall project our assignment this week is to present a juxtaposition. SOOOOOO I present to you cadet blue along with a few other of my favorite match ups from the last few years. In a snail’s pace we will finish because we have made that promise to each other that we would at least finish the box of crayons. And although this isn’t two photographs that I took to compare and contrast, it’s a project I hold near and dear to my heart and I’m big on community and working together.  Working together for ME, is far better than working alone.  I take it as opportunity to grow by learning techniques from others and hoping I too can inspire them every so often.  This is why I also love working with Christina on this fall project.  She has introduced me to new books, new apps, and even photo language I wasn’t exactly familiar with.  Working with other creatives is a win/win for me.

timberwolfthis is called timberwolf and what you can’t see but I know is, there is a  tiny chip of paint missing on the fender, it looks like a dot here but it was a dark pink heart and if you notice, Miss Moonspinner had pink hearts on her timberwolf colored knee socks.  It was perfect!

turquoise blueThis is turquoise blue, I nearly had a heart attack when I opened my inbox to see her photo, it was a turquoise glass container that spilt out shiny silver glitter, my shot is Miss Moon Shadow in the pool with her shiny glitter skirt and turquoise top, the water in the pool also reminds me of the translucent vase the glitter is spilling out of.  We never discuss our ideas.  We just take picture and match them up.  I’m always happily surprised when they go together so well.

blackThis is black!  Isn’t is just so wonderful?  I think so, all the way down to her mickey mouse band-aid.  In these match up’s she will always be the photo to the left and I’m to the right.  One day, we will complete this project and in the meantime we will have tons of fun matching our images together.  I wonder what amazingness Christina came up with??  Let’s go SEE