Golden Yummy in the Tummy Turmeric Tea

I have been known to take on lots of things however the things I’m talking about are usually of the creative sort, not so much the productive sort to a mainstream kind of person.  I signed up for a 28 days class with Michelle   and in this class I will be participating with a group of like-minded gals to slow down and really take in the moments around us.  The first week focuses on food.  Of course I’m excited.  I ADORE food, all kinds.  I promised the group I would share a new drink that I tried this weekend thanks to a local girlfriend of mine who told me all about it.  You can find the “real” recipe HERE  but you can also follow my loose version.  Because I don’t like to follow directions all that much.

I have included some pictures of the steps I took to make this yummy tummy warming drink.  Pretty good idea for all you in cold climates and if you happen to like the flavors of turmeric and ginger and coconut milk.  My friend Leah makes hers with raw milk and we both agree the honey required is way too much money, like about 30.00 for a jar of the Manuka honey.  

So here are all the things you will need in order to make this drink the way I make it. Coconut milk, coconut water, raw honey, turmeric, ginger and ghee 


 grate the knob of ginger


 add a spoonful of turmeric


 add a spoonful of ghee and mix it all together to form a paste


 Then put one cup of coconut milk, one cup of coconut water in a saucepan and add in that paste, plus a heaping teaspoon of honey.  Heat it all up.


Then  be sure to strain it cause the first time I made this drink I didn’t and I was eating the ginger, which wasn’t so bad but it’s so much better smooth! That’s what happens when directions are not read.


Then sit down and take a picture of your warm golden turmeric tea!  (J/K) you don’t have to take a picture of it.


Enjoy!! And a very special thanks to my friend Leah who turned me on to this drink and I hope you will like it as much as we do.