I’m thankful for new happy stores, really happy colorful joyful stores


There is a new shopping area right by my house, within walking distance!!!  So there is this amazing store called Daiso and it’s like a Japanese dollar store, only things are more like 1.50ish and the store is WOW, like really my kind of place you know?  Sometimes I think I’m 75% child and 25% adult.  I really got excited over the colorful pin wheels, and wrapping paper, and super adorable stationary. This place was so incredibly colorful and happy and I think I had a gigantic smile on my face as I walked down each aisle and I had to restrain myself, I wanted too many of the colorful happy things.  Dylan and Rich liked the food section and especially the candy.  Today I’m thankful for this new store within walking distance from my house and I was thinking I could walk there at least once a week and buy just one thing and I wouldn’t break the bank.  I mean I sort of went overboard today but I will show some restraint in the future.  Really I will.  And below are just a few of the happy things I bought today.  Oh, my goodness just one more thing.  The best bakery ever is also going to be in this same center, it’s called 85 degrees and I’m chomping at the bits for this place to open too.


 New cup, favorite color orange (check) happy face (check) unicorn (check)

Until I get a new flash-drive thing for my big camera, it’s out of commission so iPhone pictures for a while. But that’s okay, at least I have that and the iPhone takes very decent pictures.

photo-6Have you ever had a chocoroom? They are really yummy.

photo-5Monkey Doodler in his boat

photo-3Sydney basking in the sun

photo-4Charles the unicorn floating on a morning-glory

I got these little cute guys, a three pack of erasers I will NEVER use for their intension for $1.50 and believe me, I will be having some fun with this trio.  So these are the things this 43-year-old mother of three likes.  I’m not sure if I should be bragging about it or not?