love is EVERYWHERE!!

Yesterday was Valentine’s day and motorcycle man took the day off work because we had major plumbing troubles.  In the midst of the plumbing troubles I like to snap pictures just to document life and things like that.  Well today I uploaded some images and I had not even seen the heart in this image below until I uploaded it.  I nearly flipped out.  I get a little dramatic.  If you know me, well I may scare you from time to time with my responses to things, I just get a little bit excited and I may just act as if the sky just fell or something but really it’s just a heart!  DO YOU SEE IT! We went to lunch with some good old friends last Sunday after church.  I found a heart in my salad and the discussion arose.  Sal said it best when he said and I quote “it’s like calling cards from God”  I again got very excited because it’s exactly my thought on the matter!


IMG_1655This is a heart my niece Laynie found for me.  She ran up one day full of joy and said “Aunt Tracie, I found a heart for you today”

IMG_1681I really should clean the hand rail, but I dont’ think I will be painting it!

IMG_1684Abbie even found dirt claud hearts in our plumbing fiasco.  I have to agree!

photo (16)So I was seeking hearts yesterday and well, hearts were also seeking me (image one) but I had no idea that when we were to go to dinner on Valentine’s night, at my favorite spot (Ruta’s) that my thoughtful guy would be passing me love notes throughout dinner and one lead to Drew Barrymore’s “find it in everything” book!  The one I tried so hard to win, but did not but even better to get it from my motorcycle man who really pays attention to me and then writes the sweetest note inside.  I got about five words in and became really verklempt.  I had to stop reading to compose myself (remember the emotional part about me, the over dramatic bit) He watched the Ellen with me, the one Drew Barrymore was on and he tried to play it all cool and not make a big deal that she also is a heart seeker like me but he banked it.  He remembered and went out and got me her book.  Last one in the store, they had to find it in the back even!  I’m just so grateful.  Who cares about bad plumbing when you have a guy like motorcycle man.  He still makes my heart skip a beat.




love is everywhere – Drew Barrymore finds hearts too!!


I was so excited the other night when we were watching Ellen and her special guest was Drew Barrymore!  I love Drew Barrymore anyway but when she began to promote her new book of photography and the entire book is pictures of hearts she finds everywhere then well, I loved her even that much more!  It’s something I have been doing for a while and I knew when I began my search for all things hearts that I wasn’t the only human being on this planet to be considered a heart seeker.  I’m aware of many other inspirational photographers who also happen to find love nearly everyplace they go.  So I just decided to start encouraging everyone to be heart seekers because I know how much fun it can be.  Needless to say since I watched her segment and saw she had a contest to win her book, I decided to tag all my IG hearts to her contest hashtag #FindItInEverything .  If I should happen to win her book that would be most incredibly exciting but even if I don’t, I will buy it cause it’s most likely full of really, really amazing finds.  In the meantime since she sparked my vision for hearts again, look how many I found yesterday alone.

photo (12)On my walk, we can pretend this isn’t really a bird turd but it is!

photo (10)In my left over dirty coffee mug

photo (11)The shape of the winter tree against our pretty sunset

photo (14)I even have mini heart seekers who find them and show me!

photo (13)I think my day started really well when I wrote the word love in the dust and then it just kept appearing, it was everyplace yesterday!  So maybe you can find some hearts today and tag them #FindLoveInEverything and then maybe you could win a book of heart pictures by Drew Barrymore!