Breakfast at Amy’s and Day at the Races


Saturday morning we were treated to a really great breakfast at a local ma and pa type breakfast spot.  Our town is small, we can drive from one end to another in about five minutes. Lot’s of people have never even heard of our little town even though it’s wedged in-between the O.C. and the City of Angels.  But we love our little town and Mimi and Papa found a great place for all you local readers called Amy’s Cafe and they serve a really great breakfast and also are open for lunch.   I ate something called the valley view special with biscuits and gravy off to the side. It was really delicious.  We all thought it was pretty darling when the waitress drug over the special’s sign straight to our table so we could read it.  Since it’s fall they had a real yummy pumpkin butter and cinnamon type spread for anyone who ordered toast.  I would highly, highly recommend it.  Yelp reviews has it at five stars.  Check it out you locals!



Our day wasn’t over though, we still had a drive out to Fontana where Dad treated us to the Indy 500.  Not just the race, my dad has a reputation for going all out, we had pit pass’ and tickets for an all you could eat buffet and drinks.  We got there really, really, really early.  We didn’t realize the race actually started at 6:00 so we arrived at 12:30 and were wondering why the seats were so empty!  We got to show the kids the garages where they were working on the cars and we got to go see the pits and there were a few cars doing practice runs and Abbie fell in love with the blue and white HP car, who we later found out was driven by a French driver called Simon.  So our French/American niece, Amelie and our very own Abbie were cheering big time for Simon and he held in there until near the end when his car must have given out.  Dylan picked the National Guard car but that one fell out of the race about halfway through when there was a six car pile up.  He then started to track the Verizon car which ended up winning the race that night.  It was just so exciting, I never thought it would be such fun.  I’m so thankful I have parents who treat us to really neat things like this.  There are lots of things we have been able to experience because of them.  I have included lots of pictures of our day, maybe even too many but it was hard to dwindle down.

IMG_9420Notice all the empty seats? We were early.  Dad’s explaning stuff to the kids.

IMG_9432We took a tour through the garages

IMG_9525Dylan spotted some pretty girls and asked Dad to take his picture with them;)

IMG_6237Just some tires

IMG_6240This guy did really great but right near the very end his car broke down:(


We got close to the pits and I spotted a happy face for my niece Livi

IMG_6224I think his shirt is sort of cute so this is all about the shirt

IMG_6255And here is Dad

IMG_6253This is Sebby and I can’t get enough of his sweet face

IMG_9485The race is about to begin and I have to take a picture of our flag

IMG_6293My pretty sister and her darling Sebby

IMG_9491The girls cheering on Simon from France

IMG_9496Hey that’s motorcycle man and me

IMG_6295I was trying to take a picture of the boys and their walkie talkie’s when a photo bomber jumped in

IMG_6299I couldn’t leave without getting a picture of grandpa with his grandkids.  Thank you Dad.