Strange, life is amazingly strange


I’m guessing if one is a blogger and one has children that one might just blog about their child on their birthday.  I have three children.  I have two spring babies and just one fall baby and technically I know he is really a summer baby but in my mind the moment it turns September, it’s fall.  Right here in Southern California September is up there as one of our hotter months of the year, but let me think what I will think, to me the entire month is fall.  He is my fall baby.  I have three, I have two A’s and one D.  He is the one D.    I have three, two righties and one lefty.  He is my lefty.  I have three, two free spirits and one of great discipline.  He, this D, this lefty, this fall baby….he is my one of great discipline.  I joke lots saying “I want to be like Dylan when I grow up.”  It’s hard not to say because he has all the qualities I do not.  I have never had to make him do his homework.  He just does.  He does what he knows he needs to do, he does what he knows is required.  When he was little he shared a room with his big brother.  He was the one who desperately wanted his own space.  Why?  To keep it clean.  A few weeks ago he asked if I might get him some cleaning stuff for his face.  I did.  He tells me yesterday, “I have not missed a day mom, I wash my face twice a day since you got me the stuff” Me, I often forget to take off my make up at night.  Are you getting the picture?  But this doesn’t mean he is not fun.  He is full of fun.  He pranks me nearly every day.  He video tapes me without me knowing and performs silly off the wall crazy stunts while he is secretly videotaping me to see what reaction I will give.  He LOVES a reaction. I would say our most common ground is that we are both dreadfully shy yet completely insane with our behind closed-door behaviors.  And the other really, really big thing we share in common.  We share the same faith.  This common ground creates a bond that cannot be broken.  These two very big things help us to get each other even though we are nearly nothing alike.


 He began high school yesterday.  The class he is the most excited about?  Finance.  He can’t wait to get into the meat of that class.  In fact he already let me know as soon as he gets a job he will save 10% of his earning in a savings each week.  He said if he really manages his money just right he can be a millionaire.  And if anyone can, it will be him.  I believe it’s no mistake he was named after his uncle another well-disciplined, fun-loving, lefty, man of faith who also just happens to know a lot about finances.


 He shows me how to do hard things.  I learn from this kid.  I learn from him.  He is a gift to me.  It has been an honor to be his mother.  A complete honor.  Happy Birthday D-man.



Oh yeah and he is athletic. and these days you might find him doing hand stands simply because he can.


 or yoga type poses without even realizing it


The birthday part of today is good.  He had his birthday breakfast.  We are going to his favorite Chinese restaurant tonight and he got that robe he has been wanting (shhhhh, he hasn’t opened his gifts yet)  But on a far stranger and sad note.  Austin was in his first car accident today.  This is how the phone call was received.  “Mom?”  “Yes Austin”  “It happened”  “You were in a car accident?”  “Yep”  And that was that.  He is okay, his two friends who were in the car with him are okay and this is good considering he was sitting at a stand still and was hit by a woman going at least 45 miles per hour.  He was ready to make a left hand turn, had a panic situation when he realize he started to turn left on a green rather than wait for all the cars to clear, the bug stalled and he basically just braced himself for the hit.  He has been a wreck himself the rest of  today and is the type of kid who is very hard on himself.  I mean Rich and I knew this would happen, it just happens right?  At least that’s what I’ve been told.  I totalled out my first car when I was about his age.  I knew when I took pictures of the pretty new/old bug there would someday be a different story.  His world has been rocked, the car shouldn’t be driven at this point.  Rich got the bug home but at 30 miles per hour and with lots of crazy noises.  The kid is wondering how he will get to work now, how he will see his girlfriend, he is devastated that he has “cost” us even more money you know all those normal thoughts.  I hate when things like this happen to people I love. I told him it’s okay, everyone is alive, a lesson will be learned and it will give you problem solving skills, what to do next?  Stay tuned.  Life, it’s still very, very good.  Just one of those things.  unfortunately since it happened on Dylan’s birthday we will not be able to forget the date of his first accident.  And you see we are a family of celebrations.  So we do not celebrate the fact that he crashed his first car, but we celebrate in the fact that he had the wits about him to jump out immediately to see if the person who hit him was alright, that he knew exactly where his insurance card was and that he in his own hand writing got her name, address, phone number, license plate, make model, and drivers license number which happened to be expired and out-of-state but still it was his fault for being the one in turning left.  He even sounded calm on our phone call.  He kept it together when it mattered the most.  The woman even complimented us on our son, She told Rich “you have a good boy here”  So this is what we celebrate.  The lesson learned.


In the glory days

photo (2)Her she sits today.  even the passenger door got buckled from the impact but I have to say these awesome German-made cars are like mini tanks, could have been far worse and his buddy Kris the one who was sitting up front there, could have had it much worse.

Back to work and real life


Vacation is all over.  I wonder why they go by so very fast.  We did have a wonderful time though.  We wrapped it up with our Sunday at Balboa where the kids went parasailing.  We couldn’t go on the boat with them so I only have the shot of them pulling away from the dock.  All three went at once with Abbie in the middle and they all came back smiling big and said it was lots of fun.  Abbie actually wished the ride could have been longer.

the boatThere they go.  Abbie has a smile.

tail gateafter the sail, we ate dinner off the back of the truck.

Yesterday back to the grind.  I got up early met my pals for our morning workout.  I had proclaimed Monday as meatless a few weeks ago so yesterday my oldest, his girl and I went shopping for our dinner.  They thought a nice meatless Mexican themed meal would be perfect.  Maddy made the salsa homemade and it was full of flavor and if you like spicy, it was for sure spicy and so very good.  I made the cowboy caviar or as Joyce calls it Texas caviar (either way…it’s amazing)  we used Maddy’s mom’s recipe because this is something they eat on a regular basis and I had no idea in fact I had the hardest time even locating black-eyed peas, I finally asked at the third market where I was told it was a canned vegetable.  I was looking in the beans…. I guess I should have known better? They look like a bean to me even though they are called peas.  But I suppose they really are peas?  I still have no idea.  I should though considering my mom sort of raised us on them and also I like to cook up a batch on New Year’s but I start from dry bean…. Or is it dried pea? My pictures were taken in a rush and with my iPhone so I’m a little disappointed in that part but the meal itself was very good.  Just good old bean burritos with lots of fresh toppings, lettuce, the homemade salsa, no cheese for the vegans but Dylan and Dad couldn’t have a burrito without it.  No meat.  Yes! No cheese. No.  Don’t mess with their cheese.   Austin made homemade guacamole; we had olives and chips to dip into the salsa or the cowboy caviar.  I could eat that stuff by the spoonfuls and it’s all pretty good stuff for you.

cowboy caviar

 the cowboy caviar that I will for sure make again and again, thanks Joyce for the suggestion

Maddy's salsaMaddy’s homemade salsa

cooking the beansAustin tending to the beans

meatless mondaythe meal

I’m disappointed in my progress with my healthy lifestyle journey but remember I have a problem with this instant result kind of world.  I expect my body to do the same.  Patience and persistence.  My two big P words to focus on this month.  Not giving up.  Nope I’m not.  My good friends keep reminding me of it being a lifestyle.  I have made much better choices with water over soda and sometimes salads with oil and vinegar type dressings but I did eat those fried cookie dough balls at the fair and I have dabbled in some not so righteous food here or there.  If I can get healthy and still dabble than it’s not all that bad. Cause I’m not giving up sweets.  I’m NOT.  I’m just a little stubborn.

photoThe support I have in my health, it’s really big.   I like getting up early because of the common goals we share and the fun we have.

37 days

52 days ago I was feeling very depressed, tired, not motivated and my jeans were really, really tight.  The scale read 179.

photo (1)

37 days ago not long after I wrote the post about being frustrated that my pants were feeling very tight I began a fit camp.  This camp motivated me to get MOVING again!!

35 days ago I was evaluated by my health coach.  She weighed and measured me, calculated my BMI and boy were my eyes opened WIDE!  For instance the one that blew me away the very most was my body age was that of a 59 year old woman.  I happen to know women who are 59 that have a body of that of a 30 year old, so I’m not knocking the age, but when I find out my physical body is 16 years older than my actual age, it’s a little freaky.  Well, a lot freaky. I found out that my body fat is at 46.8%, that means nearly half my body is fat.  I found out that my Body Mass Index is at 30.5 when normal  Body Mass Index should be anywhere between 18.5 and 24.9!   Um, not only do I need to be moving I need to add healthy eating into the mix.  My health coach who happens to be very smart and extremely motivating woman says it’s 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.  Oh, gosh. A food lover changing their diet??  Someone who lives for a good piece of chocolate cake?


 28 days ago I decide to drink one shake a day using Herbalife products.  Filled with all sorts of vitamins and protein.  One shake is about 217 calories and is packed with stuff like Vitamin A, C, D, E, B6 and B12, it has calcium, zink, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper, selenium and dietary fiber.  Since I normally skip breakfast I thought starting my day with one shake packed with all this stuff would be a good start. Now although having one shake a day was a good start it’s what Herbalife calls the maintenance plan.  Being I have a ways to go before I’m in a healthy range, I decided to add two shakes a day and a multi vitamin and something called a cell activator.


So….13 days ago I decide to introduce these two shakes which does include by the way real food.  between shakes I’m eating healthy, snacks.  I love fruits and veggies and I love to use things out of my own garden.  It’s recommended to eat a high protein snack but I eat lots of whole foods, fruits and veggies.  Like one ingredient type foods.  For example a raw zucchini, I have a ton of it.  Or a tomato, half an avocado…sometimes a whole avocado.  I try to up my water intake and also drink a tea made by herbalife.  When it’s time for dinner I make a healthy dinner or if I’m in the mood I eat In-N-Out or subway or if we are invited to dinner I eat what they prepare for us.  I want to be able to live normally and healthily.  If I go too extreme it will not last as a lifestyle.  My goal is to reach healthy weight and then only have one breakfast shake a day.

In total since I first began my movement which has been exactly 37 days, this is what has changed.


I went from 177.6 to 172.8  that’s 4.8 pounds gone almost 5!

My body age went from 59 years old to 57 years old

My BMI went from 30.5 to 29.8

My chest went down a half an inch

my hips and butt nearly went down a full 3 inches, 2.75 but that’s close enough to 3 for me

my thighs shrank by .25

and my waist also .25

the fat around my organs isn’t so bad to begin with which means for the most part I eat healthy but that too went down one full number.

So this is not leaps and bounds but it has only been a little over a month and so as motorcycle man likes to say, slow and steady, it’s the way to go.  I get frustrated a little cause I want bigger and faster results but I’m also the person who runs on the treadmill 20 minutes and gets back on the scale and wonders why it’s not gone down.  My health coach tells me to give it at least a full 90 days, that’s when real results will be seen.  I’m feeling them now but 60 days from now I will probably see a big difference as well, hopefully I can hold that plank for even longer than a minute by then.

wonder powers

The support within my fitness group keeps me going, the people are so supportive and inspiring themselves. They are also a crack up.  My health coach is amazing and fit camp is free, I only pay for the product I consume.  I’m excited about my journey.  I love where I’m headed.  My goals are as follows:


number one, I want to be healthy

number two, I want to heal

number three, I want to be strong

My body will find it’s healthy weight I really don’t care about the number but right now it’s a a way to see the change that’s happening by stepping on the scale every so often.

And btw, I still bake things like homemade Oreo’s, zucchini brownies and pies.  I just limit what I get to eat of it. Like one cookie out of the batch, or one brownie.  I can’t live without sweets.  I have tried.

summer baking obsession and a little hope in the day


I’m obsessed with summer baking.  This will be the third week in a row I have cranked my oven and made some home-baked goods on a warm summers day, two of which include zucchini from the garden.  Today was “chewy” zucchini brownies.  It passed the kid test.  Abbie said “Mom is there even zucchini in here?”  and Dylan just flat-out loved them.  I’ll put the recipe on my recipe page tomorrow when I have more time.  If you are interested come back and check.  I used a recipe found on the internet but always tweak them just a bit.


Also today I made time to play in the sprinkler.  A photo friend of mine had a dream about our legs and running through the sprinklers in shorts without a care in the world.  Her dream inspired me to say the least so I first tried to photograph with my timer but that was way HARD, so then I recruited Dylan who did a nice job.  This picture was taken by him as we both laughed pretty hard.  He kept saying “mom! jump higher, your barely getting off the ground!”  This picture was exactly how it was photographed, his crop with my 50mm.


Finally for today I leave you with HOPE, as my brownies baked I walked around the table and up and down my stairs and kept passing the roses whose petals were falling off and next to the vase of red roses was Abbie’s key necklace that reads hope.  There is always hope, no matter what.  As I walked and thought of my health and how although things are not happening very fast, they are happening from the inside out and I began to think of my gratitude and how I actually can walk, I also began to realize what a homebody I am and how I just love being in my own home, with food cooking and children’s voices.  I’m completely content right here, almost boringly so, I don’t need to get out much, so much I find right here inside these walls and in the boundaries of our own yard.  In fact I found a heart in the hardwood today as I walked for 25 minutes up and down those stairs. It’s a loose heart, blur your eyes and you will see it, I saw it each time I walked up the landing.



love and never giving up


Already middle of the week!  I just wanted to share a few things.  LOVE.  I will begin with LOVE.  This is not original to me, I was not the first person to spot hearts in all sorts of places.  Lots of people do this especially in the community I spend time in.  I have met so many wonderful people who also can spot a heart, which I call love in the most unusual spots.  I don’t think finding hearts (love) should be exclusive to just one person, my hope is that this will spread, that lots of people will begin to find hearts, little gifts of love in their lives.  It just takes a little paying attention and you will begin to see them.  You will begin to see so many it will feel trippy.  I get so excited when someone finds a heart and shares it with me.  Just yesterday I was cleaning out my purse and I had a crumpled up cup from Trader Joe’s that I had sampled their coffee in.  Abbie spotted the heart right away and asked if I had taken a picture of it yet?  I had not noticed it yet, but she sure did.   Here or there friends and family have texted me, or tagged me on Facebook when they find a heart to share.  I get thrilled every single time this happens. I don’t think I will ever tire of it. I encourage you to find the gifts in your day-to-day, the little bits of love left just for you.


My fitness goal has been going pretty well.  My first day of fit camp was on June 26th I’m certain at that time I was still around or close to that weight I posted a picture of two weeks prior at 179.  But by the time I had my first measurements which was a little over two weeks later I weighed in at 177.  That was when I also found out my body is 59 years old! Again, what the what???  When this Friday rolls around I get to see if I have improved over the course of 4 weeks.  I didn’t start drinking a shake for breakfast until after July 4th so I count my beginning as pretty much the beginning of July.  I like to round things it makes it easier to remember.  This way at the start of each month I will see where I’m at.  I can share with you that although I have not lost a TON of weight, I feel a difference in my energy level.  My insides are beginning to feel stronger. I have been sleeping through the night….well unless Garfunkel messes with my head. (my cat who likes to knead my head at 2:30 a.m.)  I can hold a plank for a full minute now, not easily though, I shake, I sweat droplets and I nearly hold my breath until the minutes is up, I need to work on breathing, keeping my head up but I can hold that minute.  I can’t wait to hold it with more grace though.  Still pumped, have the best support from my family and friends and health coaches with Activate.  I hope to show you all that with obedience, endurance and faithfulness, hard work and all that good stuff that anything is possible.  It’s up to me.  I watched the best video yesterday,  these words caught my full attention “Get up, look up and never give up”  I’m writing it on my front door. (done)   I need to SEE things.  I have words all around our house.  I’m a word girl, can you tell?  Written that is.  I’m pretty quiet otherwise;)

photo (1)


IMG_5276Just like this pretty plant Sarah gave me reaches for the light I too am reaching.  I wrote a post not very long ago about obedience.  The word still sits in my heart.  I think of it every so often and I realize how important it is.  Lately health has been my main issue.  It has been about 4 years now that I have had a skin condition on my legs, itchy, scaly and as several doctors have told me, my anxiety and OCD issues do not help the cause.  All the picking that goes on.  Most people I meet would never ever know.  I always wear long pretty skirts and long pants.  However for all these years I have been seeking out a way in which they will heal.  I believe with my entire heart that they will not remain this way forever, it’s just a temporary bump in my road.  Also a few weeks ago I posted about my jeans being tight and my weight climb.  I shared how I met a great gal who invited me to a FREE fitness camp and I went, I have been going faithfully and I love it.  Dylan sometimes joins me too.  My goal is to get into shape, be healthy and strong.  TO HEAL, it’s top on the list. I’m reaching towards my good health and I’m fortunate because Rich is fully on board with me being healthy, always encouraging, Abbie is beginning to follow suit and last night as we ate our turkey tacos (my shells not fried) Abbie said, “I’m passing on the rice tonight”  later that night I walked with a friend and we brought our daughters along for the walk too, they had fun, we had fun.  It was a win/win.  I also have a 14-year-old very ambitious home fitness trainer.  We have had such fun working out together, he seems to beam while we are doing it.  We give the hi-five/fist bump at the beginning of our work out and also at the end.  We listen to some good music and we laugh lots.  So I’m still pumped up.  I have a count down on my page till end of the month to see what changes my body will make.  I have not seen the scale go down really but I can feel in my clothes my body measurements are adjusting.  It will be a long process.  I just need to STICK to it. I will be reaching towards that goal until I get there.  Once there.  I need to stay there.  That’s the HARD part.

That’s it for now.  I have a meeting with my fitness Coach Pam (the great gal), she doesn’t charge me anything, she runs a free fitness camp M, W, F at the park before work and now is adding T, Thurs evenings.  It’s free, it’s fun and I’m loving it.  She has a proposal for me, so I’m ready to hear about it, share about it later this week and excited about the possibilities.

photo (1)Last night with Dylan.  He has to make sure you all know we are the WEST’S living on the west coast.  Silly. 

photo (2)After our workout last night, he jumped in the pool. 

ONE LAST THING,  new to our nightly ritual, I read a chapter of a book to Rich called “The Love Dare for Parents” We have done it now 4 nights in a row.  I read.  He listens.  Then I say “thanks for listening” he laughs and we go to sleep.

Itchy legs and mid week meals

I wanted to first begin to share the little things in our very own garden that made me smile yesterday.


Our first red raspberry, not only did I smile, I yelled out with excitement.  “should I eat it now, should I let it get more juicy and red?”  

 The week has been pretty good.  Abbie has been going to Vacation Bible School with her cousin and a friend and having a blast.  Aunt Jenn has offered to take her each day and bring her home so this has been a blessing in our week.  Austin got his very first job on Monday and this news is outstanding!  Dylan decided to join me in my morning work outs on Monday’s and Friday’s. My back garden is giving us little gifts to eat and be amazed with.   I find that if I focus on the good things in my days that the little bad things seem very trivial.  Like Rich accidentally flinging chlorine on my dress and bleaching it out in spots, or the ants that began to invade the countertop, or how I wore my skirt inside out for hours without realizing it, or when there appeared to be another hole in the pool to be fixed, or the abundance of animal hair that seems to multiply even when I vacuum each day, not being able to find the hair brush and itchy legs, little irritating things like that, things that put a glitch in the day, making the day seem not so smooth but really truly when I focus on the bigger, better things it eases the impact of those little irritants.  They still exist but I don’t let them take control of my day and the direction the day is going.  I do have that choice.  Just so you know, it’s not easy and I do have weak, dark days when I DO let the little irritants take over those days are rough but this week, I have been able to focus mostly on the good.

The morning glories that are more of a weed in the way they take over things, but still I find them so very pretty and I love how it’s growing over a tiny tree planted by the birds.


The heart I spot when I’m admiring my very first red raspberry.


The “red zeppelin” onions I get to use in the nights meal.  Yes I bought them for their name!


The fresh zucchini we grew also for our nights meal.


The sunflowers that are growing at rapid speeds, I can’t wait for the flower to appear and again I will not just smile but I will make a big deal of it, I can’t help it.  It’s like this miracle before my very eyes.


And as I promised the meal verdict for last night’s meal from last summers magazine “Everyday Food” Last night was grilled steak and veggies.  All done on the B.Q. so no big mess to deal with.  Much more of a summer plan than the last two nights with the broiler on.  It called for skirt steak.  Sort of tough and chewy but I heard if it’s marinaded for a good long while it helps with the toughness.  Martha’s recipe didn’t call for a good long marinade.  So.  It was tough.  I was like “chew your meat really, really good kids”  Didn’t want a choking incident.  Again sort of learning what we may do different from how the recipes read.  I have a very difficult time following a recipe without doing something “my way” like the grilled veggies, they called for 3/4 fresh lemon juice and a dried thyme marinade. That’s it!  Seemed like an aweful lot of lemon to me but I realize the idea is to be making healthy meals.  I added some olive oil anyway.  I normally use Kosher salt, pepper, fresh garlic and olive oil for all my veggie grilling and broiling.  Pretty good but next time either marinade the steak longer or like Motorcyle man suggested, “a good flank steak would work better”  The picture looked more like flank than skirt anyway.

So here is the whole lay out of last nights meal before preperation

photo (1)All chopped and lots of compost collected.

photo (2)Although the meat recipe didn’t call for a good marinade, the veggies did.  20 minutes at least in a ziplock bag with the lemon juice thyme (added olive oil) marinade

photo (4)Veggies first on the Q, then the meat and it all cooked very quick.

photo (5)Last night’s meal!

photo (6)I was excited that the onions and zucchini could be from our very own garden.

We also had a knife presentation from our neighbor.  She graduated high school in 2012 and has been attending Cerritos College, this is her first job selling knives and no hard pressure, just good solid presentaton. Belive me, we  WANTED all those sharp knives but our bank account just will not allow.  We are still using our nice set of German knives from way back when, a Christmas gift from my parents.  But these Cutco knives.  Wow.  really good stuff.

photo (7)

Those are our “best” knives up there.  Didn’t hold a candle to her Cutco knives and their mad abilites to cut nice and easy.

photo (9)We cut all sorts of stuff, rope, leather, pennies, bread and veggies.

Someone is studying and gearing up for their first day of work.  He also had to go buy non skid shoes and some black dickies.  He is supposed to be out doing that now.

photo (8)Probably not going to be his ideal job, considering he still is not eating meat but he isn’t complaining, he is so happy he landed this job.  It’s ironically the very first application he filled out and turned in.

Let’s Ride Bikes Batman

not happy

All thumbs up on last night’s main course!  They loved it and it was very out of the ordinary for our family, we rarely eat pork except occasional bacon.  The salad was loved by the girls only.  A little too (healthy) for the boys.  Motorcycle man wanted real salad dressing,  not the olive oil and lemon mixture it called for and he adds “a little iceberg would be nice. “ I didn’t blog about the meal last night because directly after dinner, Mr. Motorcycle man and I rode our bicycles across the street at the school parking lot.  Abbie skated, and Dylan messed around bare foot with a found baseball.  He would every so often throw with his right hand and we all got a good laugh at his lack of coordination with the right hand, being he is a lefty and all. Little Laynie Sky popped up for a ride on her long board and that part of the night was pretty rad.  The dog’s even joined us, although I don’t’ think batman was all that excited about it.

lootAll the loot to make the dinner, saving some of the pork for Friday’s meal

in ovenin the oven they go

helperwhile I was in the kitchen, Abbie folded towels like my mama taught me, and motorcycle man filled out some paperwork

saladI made the salad small cause I knew only us girls would like it

finOur dinner and we all eat on salad plates btw, even motorcycle man, been doing it this way for a while now

me pabPicture courtesy of little Abbie, thanks Abbie.  Legs still the same.  it is what it is, for now.


 summer fun, so blessed to have the other West’s next door

This morning I so did NOT want to get up at 5:30 a.m. but you know I said to myself, “If I don’t DO, nothing will happen, like NOTHING. So just do.” That’s it.  So I got up and I went.  Glad I did because Wonder Woman and Robin were there and had I skipped out on our Activate work out, I would have missed it!

wonder powerswonder girlsThis family sure makes working out fun


Tonight, it’s BQ beef and grilled veggies!

rainy days and a new fall smoothie recipe from Manda

Today I feel like I got Pep back in my step!  I think it’s the idea of adding back in a few good things back into my diet.  Don’t worry, I have not gone off the deep end.  But I did have a slice of Ezekiel bread with almond butter for breakfast.  My first slice of bread in 6 weeks and one day!  It was a nice change.  I also had one cup of coffee with half and half.  I decided my coffee is back but I will only have one cup a day instead of like 6 or 7.   I took my handful of vitamins and was off to work.  I snacked on some cashews at my desk.  When I got home I made one of those famous wraps that my sister-n-law Jenn told us about a few years back.  Since then our entire family enjoys these from time to time.  Again one of those options are endless kind of deals.  Mine looked like this today (see below)  We use the Trader Joes  brown rice tortillas, plain humus and load it with some goodness, I drizzle a tiny bit of olive oil and sprinkle with pink salt.

My sister had posted a picture of her new smoothie this past week and I thought it looked amazing, so she being the cool little sister she is, sent me the recipe.  You can find it on my recipe tab.  I cut up the squash and green apples, cooked them up, blended them, chilled and then made my smoothie.  I’m saving the squash/apple puree in the fridge for future smoothies in a sweet canning jar and figure it will be used up before the weekend is over.  With weather like this we should be making soup and sitting by the fire but the smoothie was fall enough like that I couldn’t wait for the next sunny fall day, I had to have mine today on this rainy fall day.  I’m so jazzed about the rain btw.   If it rains tomorrow I plan on playing in it and taking pictures.  Today was all about making this recipe and I didn’t have time for both.

I believe that with adding back some good carbs and having a little more balance in my eating habits that my energy will return and that exercise and movement I have craving will also be doable.  I thrive with movement.  I love to walk outside, it’s my favorite.  During these 6 weeks of severe elimination I was often drained and had no energy.  It was frustrating but I kept thinking, it’s bound to get better.  Just stepping away, even for 20 minutes is such a wonderful feeling.  I often put headphones on and get lost in the music as I cover ground and of course stop from time to time to take a picture.  It’s like time just for me, no MOM? MOM?  mom?  Just peace and fresh air.  I can’t wait.

day 27 baking, walking and looking forward to a full 30 days

Today was a regular kind of day.  I went to work but first had my hot water and lemon, then scrambled up two eggs with some fresh salsa.  I took a chunky quinoa salad to work basically similar to my other quinoa but this time I had even more goodness in it like zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and cilantro.  I love cilantro and so many things.  Got home from work and had some of the good old stand by chicken veggie soup.

Our Bible study group has dinner tomorrow night and our group decided to make breakfast for dinner for all the other groups, I volunteered muffins.  I made two dozen pumpkin chocolate chip, one dozen blueberry and one dozen banana.  Almost filled a good size basket and in all that baking I kept wanting to lick my fingers but instead I kept rinsing them in the sink water and I did sneak four chocolate chips.  After time I will work on a natural muffin, gluten free with say a natural sweetener but for now I do what I know.

I then wanted some fresh air so went for a tiny stroll.  I’m making baked chicken and broccoli for dinner with probably a big ol salad.

I remain itchy as can be and sometimes I wonder if I just don’t’ want to get better because I have major scratch attacks, I feel like I should avoid going to the bathroom at all cost because the minute I see my scabby legs I just want to scratch them and the more I scratch the more they itch and it’s like this vicious cycle.  I ask for strength but I do nothing on my part to uphold that end of the bargain.

Katie and Abbie made oatmeal raisin cookies after I made my muffins, it was so cute, they also made some hot tea and drank them out of our wedding china tea cups.  In fact they are still baking and I’m waiting to make my chicken.

One day at a time. Today is day 27.