Am I ready? Yes I am.

Last week was busy because I planned it that way.  Last week was strange.  When I use the word strange, I mean it took me to places I had not planned on going.  Anyone who really knows me, knows this.  I’m usually game for “almost” anything. (except extreme heights and small spaces)  So it begins with my friend Lilly who owns that cool store, “Share and Do Good”   She sends me a message that there will be a maxi skirt warehouse sale near her shop.  Of course I’m IN!  You do remember my recent post called  where I completely vent about my current weight and my tight jeans!  The invite couldn’t come at a more convenient time.  So I meet up with Lilly and a few of her friends, a couple of the gals actually go to my church so we have that in common, I had already met Shannon but Pam and Janet, they were new to me.  I picked up real quick that Pam and Janet were into health and fitness.  So I ask “are you guy’s personal trainers for a living?”  And funny I should ask, they invited me to a FREE fitness camp three mornings a week.  FREE?  I explained that I had signed up for a boot camp ONCE, and only ONCE, like as in one morning was enough for the rest of my life!  Pam went on to say “it’s not like boot camp at all, it’s all at your own pace, personal goals and achieving your own personal challenges”  How could I pass this up?  Me being me, I couldn’t.  So last Wednesday I show up.  It was awesome, completely awesome, I felt energized for the rest of the day.  Nice jump-start and it wasn’t murder, it was just a slight burning of the arms and a little sweat, no red-faced heart palpitating disaster like boot camp was.  Plus they didn’t yell at me. I can do this.  I can really do this.  It seriously couldn’t have come at a better time.  It’s like painting a room, one has to be in the mood, or it’s like washing windows, again one must be ready for that sort of thing.  I feel ready.

walking shoesYou know when you see real walking shoes and not my toes or converse then I mean serious bizz

 In-between this unexpected twist of events this week I was able to get in a swim visit with cousin Jeanie, which was pretty awesome, Friday I hung out with S.A.L.T. that’s what we call ourselves. Shauna, Alice, Lisa and Tracie, we try very hard to hook up a few times throughout the year to catch up. Thursday I weeded my garden, blogged about my smoothie, and had my first official float in our backyard pool (I don’t mean a drink, I mean to float on water), I love to float and I mean LOVE and I got to see my longtime friend Debi who I have not seen in a whole entire year. It was a fantastic week.



Last Friday I got to walk with my new Activate friends.  It’s a small group of awesome people just trying to get healthy.   I got the full evaluation.  I KNOW I’m overweight, that’s no secret but I had no idea my body was that of a 59 year old!  What the what? Or as Aunt Mel likes to say, “What the Cus!!” So guess what? 24 Activate not only teaches free fitness classes they also promote and sell herbalife and I had my first shake Friday and it tasted so GOOD.  I may give it a go.  Not sure if my budget can afford it but I may be able to figure something out.

banana lovefinding love in my frozen banana

You see in our family we have a history of diabetes and heart disease.  They are the number one killers in our family.  I lost my great grandpa on my mom’s side to a massive heart attack and my grandpa (my mom’s dad) had diabetes and heart disease and died far, far too young.  We also have women in our family who have diabetes and heart troubles.  But with proper diet and exercise this can be avoided.  So really.  It’s up to me.   I can really help to prevent some of this.  Like Pam said,”we can’t run from our bodies, we are stuck with um, so we need to make it work the best for us.” We have that control.  It may be expensive to eat right but if I don’t take care of myself now then my medical bills later could be expensive I may even have to be on medication one day? Why wait for that to happen? I know there are other ways to be healthy besides using herbalife but once she went over the benefits etc.  I mean one guy in the group was suffering from joint pain and guess what?  No more.  Just all the wonderful nutrients in the product benefit us in many different ways it seems.  I do want to be less heavy. I do.  But more than that, I want to be healthy.  I also want to be STRONG.  I’m not exactly sure what I will decide but I do know I’m ready for change.

walk path

This is part of the walking path we take, I love that is reads SHARE!!

So I also want to share my stats with you now because I know they will be changing.

I accidentally deleted them but I think my weight was 177 and my body age was 59 this is all I remember.