yesterday in the city of angels


I got to meet up with some gals I have been wanting to meet for a very long time.  Yes they are on my dream list, I have a dream list and so this was a big deal to hug them live in person and hear their voices. We had a great day in our city of angels yesterday.  We laughed we talked we shot, we shot lots and in all of this of course I was nervous about what I may eat and trying to stick to plan. I have been to two outings with our L.A. Flickr friends and they love to stop at this awesome Mexican food restaurant on Olvera Street.  I was able to stick to plan and have a green salad with chicken no dressing and I drank plenty of water on this day and yes did lots of walking.  I was able to take Abbie and Austin along so they could see the sites of L.A. too and see what our gang does when we go out.  Dylan had a soccer game so he stayed back and hung out with Dad all day.  They had some really good one on one which is always nice.


I feel as though I have conquered another small hurdle with my new way of eating.  I always get a little nervous when we go out and about.  Like when Rich and I did our 300 mile ride a few weekends go on his bike all the way to Julian with a few other cool stops but Julian is all about apples and most importantly their famous apple pie.  On this outing I was able to order a salad with salmon when we all stopped for lunch and as the others went off for the famous pie and ice-cream, Rich and I walked the sidewalks and took in some shops.  So more and more I’m realizing this is possible it is very possible to be out and about and make wise choices.  Not easy, NOPE not easy but very possible.  And today I tell you this, my legs still a mess in fact a real big mess.  I had a sad session last night and a very hard sleeping because I kept picking but on the flip side, I’m now down 17 pounds in about one months time.  WOW.  Today I am 165 which is still not tiny girl but much smaller than I was a month ago.

So much fun was had and one of my favorite spur of the moments things was when Abbie and Sara twirled in Union Station.  I feel as though my girl, she can do really exciting and fun things and it doesn’t matter what others may think, we just can let go and have fun where ever we may be, even if it is Union Station with a grown up friend who also has a little girl inside her heart still and as it should always be.  Stay young.