day thirteen

IMG_0678For puzzles left out on the table, that call to the children even the first to be born.  I put the puzzle out….they appear.  I think it’s time to pull another puzzle out.  I have the perfect one, gifted from our friend 6ft mama.  It’s time.  It’s coming out! Don’t even ask about the soccer player under the table, he lives in his own world but he was there, even if it was under the table.

IMG_3107Trips to Starbucks for happy surprises and when they spell our names the way our mom’s spell our names without even asking, even when I accidentally first tell them my name is something completely not my name.  On this day I think I called myself Amanda….which is my sisters name then corrected myself with my real name, like it would have mattered.  But it did because look, they spelt our names the way our mom’s spell our names!  We freaked out for about a solid minute over how cool this was.


The morning golden light that comes in through the front windows.  We get the sun in the front of the house in the morning and at the back of the house at night, both equally gorgeous and golden.  I think California has such pretty light.  I’m guessing the light is pretty everyplace but I really am only most familiar with California light.

IMG_4118 Toast for breakfast, sourdough, with real butter and strawberry jelly from France that comes in the most adorable jar and it makes the most adorable cup or vase when we are done with that yummy jelly from France.

IMG_5067For sweet gifts left on my mailbox, or front porch from a sweet little niece who lives right next door.  She is my nature pal and it’s been a while but we exchange things we find in nature.

IMG_5447For hearts left for me to find.  because my family knows how much I love a heart, they leave them for me from time to time in random places. Most have become heart finders and point them out when they see one.  I also love when I get a text from someone who just wants to show me they found a heart and we get happy together that they discovered  a heart.  The one that was there just waiting to be found.



I can never forget The scene in the Outsiders when Ponyboy recites Robert Frost’s Poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay”  to his buddy Johnny.  This was one of the first books I read all the way through, cover to cover. I loved it so much I made sure my first-born read it too.  Along with many other of my favorites.  He has always been game for reading a descent book.   I can’t help but to think of it often during the day’s golden light hour.  It’s one of my most favorite times of the day.  Everything looks so extra beautiful.  We have a wonderful view of the West from our backyard.  These are some of the things my eyes see.  

Nature’s first green is gold, 

Her hardest hue to hold. 

Her early leaf’s a flower; 

But only so an hour. 

Then leaf subsides to leaf. 

So Eden sank to grief, 

So dawn goes down to day. 

Nothing gold can stay. 


-Robert Frost-