“while you were away”


He said “I made the bed and was sure that the butterfly was at the bottom, like you like it”

“while you were away”

IMG_9913He said “I took a towel and dried of the tile after my showers”

“While you were away, I meant to change the oil in your car, but it didn’t happen.  I did take the girls to a movie though.” “While you were away, I didn’t vacuum or sweep but I went on a ride with my friend in the hills”

 upon my return

It didn’t matter that the vacuuming didn’t happen or the sweeping didn’t get done or that second to be born’s shoes were left by the kitchen sink.


all that mattered was.  I was HOME.

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I wish…….

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Sometimes I wish my legs were smooth

Then I remember I have legs that can walk

Sometimes I wish my fingernails would stay clean

Then I remember the work my hands can do

Sometimes I wish I lived in a house I chose

Then I remember my house is a home

Sometimes I wish I were not so shy

Then I remember being quiet helps me to listen

Sometimes I wish I could say what’s on my mind

Then I remember sometimes words can hurt and better left unsaid

Sometimes I wish I could be bolder

Then I remember actions can be louder than words

I’m happy that although I wish for things

I’m satisfied with how He knows what’s very best for me.

So I trust.

Poem by me