hours – the process

I always like to explain the process.  Because there is a process, no way around it.  There is a certain feeling of pressure each week, at least with me. I’m in a pool of extremely talented women, some of which photography is actually their profession.  I discard myself a lot because for me it’s a tool to keep memories while technically I’m not on point and getting to know my new camera. I love photography, I admire it and I will actually go as far as to say “I need it”  It’s a part of who I am.

TracieWestLosAngeles8am  My submission for February, please visit the HOURS and see all the really amazing submissions and still we have one more Sunday left  in February with new reveals.

Below are some of the “possible” images for the 8:00 a.m. hour.  It’s only submission two but for me it came down to something that happens on a really regular basis. Something so familiar  that I had forgotten about it.  I was trying to find something special in my everyday and nothing felt special enough.  Then I realized it doesn’t have to be special for me, it can be completely ordinary and still be okay.  I have to admit though upon submitting it, I still wrote Kirstin a note about how “I’m nervous as hell about it since this isn’t exactly a self-portrait project. It is however in the 8:00 a.m. hour and I don’t think we have many more rules than that.”  Always second guessing myself.  Then when it was all said and done my beautiful world of like-minded women,  sent me personal messages, they actually liked it.  It was okay.  It was all going to be okay.  This project will all be okay.  I just need to stop thinking so hard.

I got so excited to see Jill had hearts in her window too!

IMG_1314My shower tile.  Nope not this time.


IMG_1432almost, cause there are people but no

IMG_1490more hearts in windows.  I love hearts. but no.

IMG_1519bowl full of goodness while playing with my manual settings, practicing.  But no.