The Results are IN!!

Welp! The poles are closed and I got 45 votes! This how the results rolled in.  13% wouldn’t mind a give-a-way, while 40% think changing the color of my dining room would be a nice idea but all in all 47% of the votes went to the Tracie make over.  This cracks me up and has me excited however since I don’t have 100 readers yet, I have time to prepare plus tell my sister she has a job ahead of her.  It could take months to collect 17 more readers.  I was thinking since money is always an issue over here that we could make it a thrift store make over and this way it will be a true challenge but not just that…nope, since I’m hooked on Mad Men, wouldn’t a make-over from the 1960’s be amazing?babble mad men make over

Image found on Babble site

I get to meet my forever friend Miss Daizy Sunshine this afternoon .  I’m so excited to get away.  It leaves my oldest son stranded for a ride but I just have to see her and he assures me he can figure something out after all technically he is a man. Then after she and I have a nice conversation and some really good food, then I may just have to blog about her.  Tell you about the girl I have known since I was 4 yeas old and she 3.  My longest friendship ever!

I have also decided for collect (an app to collect my every day photo’s) that I will have the entire month of October be just of my feet.  Super exciting right!  My image for October first is below and I’m so very excited to have received a book in the mail that I won and it traveled all the way from England.  Thank you so much Michelle for the chance to win this really great book by Tara Leaver.  The timing is just perfect.

oct 1

It’s fall and fall can feel new

I need 18 more readers and voting will be closed by October 2nd but so far we have a clear winner and honestly I don’t see many more votes coming in but one never knows.  It’s the one thing I thought for sure wouldn’t win. And the one thing I thought would get the most votes barely got any.  Isn’t that the way life goes!  I’m wondering how much time I have to prepare myself before that 100th reader subscribes, it could be months…who knows?

paperIn the meantime I tried my wood photo transfer this weekend and I don’t have the patience to deal with it.  The image was coming off along with the paper and I’m sure if I had more time I would experiment with different papers and different techniques.  I think it will be as simple as having my images put on a foam board.

wood trans

Aside from that, I made the conscious effort to NOT read Emma this weekend knowing the month was quickly coming to an end and the deal was to read this book in one month’s time.  I joined that book club and I wanted to try something new.  I ended up realizing the book wasn’t so bad at all.  I actually found myself giggling at some points.  However it’s not what I call an easy read (not for me at least) and it’s not what I call a book I can’t put down.  So the book is due in a few days and I’m thinking the movie sounds like a swell idea.  That too would be something I normally wouldn’t do….watch a movie like Emma.

emma                                                   That’s me, not really reading Emma

Do you know what I did instead of reading?  I finished the first season of Mad Men!  It’s for sure my new obsession.  Ask anyone who knows me really well, I’m always obsessed with something, it’s normally short lived and completely involved.  I do see myself finishing the series on this one though, it’s just too good not to.  And Audrey , I did make it to the carrousel episode and let’s just say Mr. Don Draper nailed it.  I was like “yep, that’s what photos are all about, exactly!”  He does have a heart after all.

don draper quote

Also I didn’t just watch episode after episode, I decided my fall is a time of NEW.  Fall arrives and  and things feel new again,  the school year begins, new routines work themselves out so why not clean a little and feel that feeling of change/new/.  I’m the queen of clutter; well some would call me that.  I like to say I’m very, very sentimental.  Debbie ,   I still have the fall leaves you mailed me a few years ago in the same glass jar. So I save things, like leaves, shells, feathers, dried flowers, rocks and you know those sorts of things.  So I had to take lots of deep breaths and release a few things.  The leaves were not one of them.  I like to stack books, magazines, papers and leave pens out so I can write a note on a whim.  I have to admit even more than my children,  I’m the biggest contributor for the messes in our home.  My dining table I usually fill, full of mostly my stuff. It takes me a great deal to keep things in order once I get them in order, It’s basically a hamster wheel (neat, piled, picked up, dumped)  I am what I am as much as I try and be the organized, live simple kind of gal….I’m just not made that way.  I can admit though it feels good, like a big deep breath and I’m sure I can keep it this way for at least a few days!


Check out that clear table, even the top of the hutch is less cluttered

roundempty for now but soon to be filled

And last but for sure not least….the pumpkin, it continues to grow!

pumpkin day 28.