I made Mother Earth’s homemade hair rinse and share my top five mags

IMG_5083My top five magazines of all time.  Clearly not a fasion girl or even fitness.  Max also equally enjoys my top five and offered to display them for today’s post. 

I’m a huge lover of magazines.  When I have free time I like to sit and read through them.  Look at the pictures and imagine that I will plant that perfect garden, make homemade concoctions, cook that fabulous healthy meal. etc. and so on. These are the types of magazines I read (below and the order in which they are my favorite)

Mother Earth Living (thank you Carol West for the introduction)  It’s my top

 Mary Jane’s Farm (thank you Aunt Lynn for the introduction) it’s number two

 Real Simple, I have loved this magazine since they first started the publication, I miss all the photo mosaics and I hated the period when they went through paper creations, if you are a reader you will know what I mean, but I love photography so of course I love the photo mosaics, they sort of have gone back to the basics which is nice.

Runner up in fourth, Sunset.  It’s just rad

In fifth, Dwell magazine which is absolutely nothing like me but I adore the simplicity, and sophistication of it.

The recipe for the hair rinse came straight out of July/August issue of Mother Earth Living.  Here is the recipe (below)

1/2 cup of mint leaves, I loaded the leaves, I measured one cup.  I’m like a more is better kind of person


1/2 cup apple cider vinegar (kept it to recipe here) 


1 cup boiling water


I have no idea what I’m focusing on but…..

IMG_5048shooting a camera and pouring boiling water is not as easy as it looks, when I finished, I was like where did all this water on the ping pong table come from?  The ping pong table being my staging area.

Then you let it completely cool and strain, no photo’s of the straining because it got dark but the strainer, have a picture of that.


So the article claims this rinse will maintain healthy, shiny hair and should be done once a week.  It felt squeaky clean, that’s for sure.  I’m never real consistent with anything I do except being a mom, wife and drinking my daily coffee but I do think I will do this more than once.

I also spent a greater part of Sunday washing windows inside and out for Austin and Dylan’s room.  I really should have taken a before picture because it’s sort of hard to shoot a clean window and prove that it’s as clean as it looks with my naked eye.  They were really, realy bad and the shutters, were pretty thick with dust.  Poor kids.  So today, I’m sore, really really sore like I did hundreds of lunges, yes my legs of all things are sore.  Up and down, with those windows.