What Remains


[ISO 1250, 50mm, F/2.5, 1/4000]

“Today, see if you can find something that just isn’t willing to let go” and this my friends was a  challenge in Southern California.  Why?  Because the leaves they are stubborn and during this time of year they still hold tight and many of them not just a few.  It couldn’t be as obvious as a single leaf holding on for dear life.  I was hoping I could find a spider hanging from its web.  But I could not.  So in my usual way and because time seems to always be cut short, I walked the perimeter of my own yard.  First the back, then the front.  All of a sudden the roses caught my attention.  Although I still had three red roses in full beautiful bloom, there was one with a single red petal left behind.  Just hanging on, clinging, trying to give that rose its last bit of pretty.  It drew me in.  I took it from a few angles but this was my favorite.  And for the first time ever in this fall challenge, I share just one image.  All I did was lighten the exposure just a bit, the rest is straight out of the camera and shot on manual!! again!!  I’m really, really loving manual and also as Christina has taught me, I used a “prime” lens which just means I used my 50mm and that’s all it has for me is 50 millimeters, if I want to be closer I walk my feet closer, if I want it further I walk my feet back.

I’m always excited to see what Christina over at 22limes will show me.  I love how we are taking the same exact class yet it’s guaranteed we will show each other something completely different and even if we both took a shot of a single rose petal hanging on….it would be totally and completely different from one another.


Simplicity is the glory of expression”  Walt Whitman