Let me let you in on a secret. Yesterday when it was around 6:30 P.M. and we were at Target picking up the basics, milk, butter, cat food, dog food and lights for our tree, I realized as my stomach felt hungry that I had forgotten to eat lunch. Not only did I forget lunch…..check out what I did eat. Breakfast, black coffee and one glazed doughnut. Lunch a Slim Jim and a few Charleston Chews. And that’s it. That is exactly what I ate all day long. Does that sound nutritious and all kinds of good for my body and my brain? Duh. NO! And I will do this sort of thing on a regular basis when I have “fallen off the wagon so to speak” When I’m on the wagon, I’m insane. I will walk every single day and drink tons of water and eat every few hours but that my friends takes a lot of effort, a lot of thought and I will burn out every single time and especially when I do it 8 weeks in a row. They say 21 days forms a habit but obviously a solid eight weeks doesn’t even seem to work for me.

Trying to find balance is a true challenge for me. And as I type this I realize my word this year should be BALANCE. That’s it. Just made up my mind in mid sentence. My word will be balance.  Because as I type this I realize like most of us gals we take it all on, not just the favors asked and the every day kinds of things but then we pile on top of that “perfection”  Let’s see if I can juice every single day, buy the best whole foods for my home, cook really healthy dinners each  night, keep a clean and tidy house, the laundry, the kids, the animals and hum, lets see if I can work out an hour a day, and pray/meditate and maybe I can even read a book that will help me be a better person, and perhaps I can take a few on-line courses, and write letters to my friends and family, and pay my bills on time and remodel my dinning room, and make really cool things that I see on Pinterest and plant that new garden from seed alone. I would love to learn to stand on my head and be the most romantic and loving wife on the planet.  Balance is a great word.  It wins hands down and I wasn’t even looking for a word on this particular post.  crazy!  crazy cool!   I found my word for 2015!  BALANCE it is.  Will you be picking a word for this year? A word to keep you on track, a word to reign you in, a word to grow you a little, a word to make you more aware…just a word.  I would love to hear what you might choose.

Body and Soul – June


we are in this together

And here we are half way through the year already! It really does seem to move quicker with each year I add to my life. I think it’s good to have plans for the month. If I have a plan I do so much better even though I claim to be a fly by the seat of your pants kind of gal. Planning doesn’t come natural to me. I’m scattered, I’m messy and when it comes to planning for a trip and then packing for it…I get anxiety. Very often I pack just hours before I’m going to leave because if I begin to pack and plan days before or weeks like some people do, then my head starts to hurt and I feel like the world will spin off its axis. So against my nature I have to make plans. If I went willy, nilly through my days then I wouldn’t get anything very productive done and forget about eating with intention and moving and all the stuff that’s good for me. I would find excuses.


My littlest and only girl and I were thinking of our summer plan. Her two favorite cousins will both be in Europe this summer for a chunk of time so it will be just the two of us with some occasional play dates. Our biggest plan is called Body and Soul. We have created a list of GOOD things that will earn us points for each day. We also have decided negative points need to accompany this plan. Life isn’t all roses you know; we have to admit that not all our choices will be good; therefore they will be negative points. So here is how it will go:

If we start off our day with a good breakfast, that will be 10 points and with each glass of water we drink we will get 10 points, when we spend time in the Word we get 10 points, when we do an active activity for more than 30 minutes, that will be 10 points, if she does a household chore, 10 points! And so on. If we decide that we want to order a soda while out, we get a negative 10 because let’s face it, if soda can clean a ring of hard water deposit off a toilet bowl then it’s not very good for us. If we decide to play on our devices for more than 30 minutes, that will be a negative 10. I don’t want brownies and cupcakes to feel like a bad thing so it’s hard for me to place a negative on treats (especially homemade ones we will be making together) so rather than put it as a negative I would rather us earn our negative food points. I’m still working out the kinks but I’m thinking if we have earned at least 50 points we can have one treat here or there? This is a loose plan until we work it out, test it you know?  I discussed it with my business minded child (second born) and he finds lots of holes in my plan and has some ideas.  So tweaking for sure will be happening. We just need something to keep us motivated so I’m going to work on a checklist with the littlest and only girl and slide it into one of those plastic sleeves so we can use it over and over each day with a dry erase pen. This is the biggest plan for June.


The word is Mindful. I will also try to be more mindful in June because currently I’m mindless in most my day-to-day routines. More on that later.