trips to the moon


It was a nice day.  It’s been really quite beautiful the last few days, moderate temperatures and pretty breezes.  I met up with the Moon Gang this past Friday at the Orange Circle.  You know the Orange Circle is really not very far from me and it made me wonder why I don’t visit more often.  We had our coffee, we visited the local library where I bought two books for a total of 1.00 and they were both about film photography.  Just really pretty hard bound books.

We found our shadows and I thought we should photograph them because this week in we shoot with soul we are finding our shadows and I have done this before and I have been into shadows, light and reflections for so much of my life, they are just very intriguing and beautiful but when I’m purposefully looking for them they seem to be everywhere I look.  The first shadow MoonDazi nearly protested because the ground was so very ugly but she agreed and we held hands.  I wanted to hold hands but said “I can’t because I have to hold the camera too”  Then our youngest and I will just say it…the smartest of the Moon Gang said, “just stand on the end”


And right there in front of us was a reflective bank window.  So we also took our reflection on this day too.

IMG_1850 2We then stumbled into a local market.  The sign read something like, oh gosh, I can’t really remember but something like “the most unique market”  So you know, that pulled us right in.  They had cheese, and meats, and local goodness.  The store is called Provisions  – an Uncommonly Good Market, actually…giggle.  Now that I think of it…that’s what it said “An uncommonly good market”  Yep, that’s what got us inside.  When we got inside we looked around, I bought some chocolate and Moon Spinner bought a jar of pickles and a date loaf.  We shared the date loaf.  MoonMama bought some fried cheese that had some spice to it.  I got us a plate of pickles and I thought it was going to be just a bunch of different pickles but what it really turned out to be was a platter of pickled things.  Like, water melon rind, beans, fennel, carrots, cauliflower and there were a few pickles too.  We shared all the food and it was a little spicy for me because I don’t eat much spice so Miss Moon Spinner had spotted a local ice cream place and she doesn’t eat sugar but she wanted so badly to go inside there and have us try it out so she could live vicariously through us.  Well, after the spice I thought creamy chocolate might be a good idea.



The ice cream had us at homemade, fresh and hand crafted.  It was called a la minute hand crafted ice cream.  The flavors were really unique but I stuck with what they said was a popular one, mint chip, the salted caramel  was tempting but since Moon Mama ordered that one, I knew I could have a bite.  It was better than mine by the way.  So next time.  But the crazy thing about this place is, the ice cream starts as a liquid cream and they use LIQUID NITROGEN to freeze it up fast! It was crazy scientific stuff.  It tasted pretty good, worth the experience with the Moon Gang for sure.



We then sat by the fountain and enjoyed our ice cream.  We found our shadows again.  Only this time they were in much prettier surroundings.


I could have spent hours and hours and days and days at the circle.  Pippi had fun too in the antique malls.  We even found two feathers, my favorite heart feather and another tiny one sitting on a hedge that I took a picture of these darling houses that live in Orange.  I for sure want to visit again and hopefully sooner than later.  The day was good, we found, feathers, hearts, shadows, reflections and books about moons. We laughed, we talked, we ate, we drank and we prayed.  I’m thankful for the moon gang.  They get me outside of my box.