I have a plan!!

So I have a game plan folks.  Everyone needs one right? Well, of course if one is not going to give up.  So this weekend I thought about my plan (as I ate way too much stuff while in the midst of my pity party for not seeing a noticeable number difference on the scale)  But that’s behind me now.  Now I can focus on my plan.  I love variety but I don’t need variety, what I need is a simple plan.

IMG_2428I consider this a heart

I did all my preparation Sunday afternoon.  I went to the market then I spent hours in the kitchen.  This included baking a cake with the littlest and only girl.  We had found a pink camouflage cake made by Duff and we couldn’t resist.  So that counts for part of the time and clean-up efforts.  All well worth it.  I have never claimed to be an elegant baker and cake decorator that talent went to another family member.  So just for kicks, here is a picture of my finished cake.  It tasted amazing though, really fluffy and soft and sweet and the inside was really pretty.  I have a confession; I sort of burnt it so I had to shave off all the dark hard bits.  My oven runs hot and since I was so into my chopping and washing and preparing, I forgot to check on it.  Still good though, I also had to stop and clean up my puzzle cause the cats did some horseplay and burnt out on it and sent half of it to the floor.  Thank goodness I had finished it or I would have been ticked.


Okay back to the plan.  For breakfast all week-long I will have two ham and egg cups.  I calculated the calories to be about 240.  I made a dozen of these little cups.  I used ham off the bone bought from sprouts and I had left over cilantro which I love so stuck some of that inside the egg mixture with just a touch of white cheddar cheese.  I like to warm them up and put little tiny chives on top when I eat them.  Still have my cup of coffee in the morning too.


The dozen ready to package up by twos


Breakfast today


The compost from the salad making and egg cups was just so pretty to me

At around 10:00 I have my first snack 16 almonds and those tiny little nuts are high in calories but very, very good for us.  So I’m okay with it.  170 calories in all.


It’s so crazy that this tiny handful is 170 calories, but really great ones!

Lunch (around noon) will be one of my salads in a jar.  I made a whole new round of them this weekend.  I used similar ingredients but used a roasted chicken for the meat portion, and instead of radishes I put in jicama.  This jar comes out to be about 260 calories because the chicken, beans and olive oil are the major calories but even the veggies hold some calorie value too, just not a lot.


My next snack is around 2:00ish and it’s an apple with the most amazing almond butter with maple syrup in it.  The almond butter is very expensive at spouts but I think it’s worth the treat.  It’s a no stir nice and pure and organic almond butter.  I just use one Tablespoon instead of two and the calories for this snack are 145.


This tablespoon does not cover all the slices, just a few dips here or there

I’m drinking plenty of water out of my darling owl cup.  It helps to have a straw, I drink it quicker.


Dinner will be whatever I prepare for my family but I will eat small portions. Tonight I’m making a tamale pie.  But I have a nice handful of calories left after my walk today!

I also plan to increase my daily walk by one more lap with is a half mile and this will be 2 miles a day and at the end of the week that puts me at 10 miles walked.  That’s my plan!

Salad in a Jar


Today what I really really wanted and nearly made the stop on my way home from work was Wienerschnitzel, yes, you heard me I love Wienerschnitzel LOTS.  I know hotdogs are made out of really random crazy parts but you know what?  I like um.  So it wasn’t so much the hotdog I had in mind but the chili cheese fries, not just the original but their new bacon, ranch chili cheese fries.  I saw their add laying in the break room and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I’m here to tell you that changing your life style and eating better does not come easy for me.  It’s really hard and it takes much effort.  This is how it feels to me.  I’m still learning basically. Now is the time where you give me a big applause because this time I made a different choice  I went against my desire and stopped at the market to get some veggies to add to things I already knew I had at home to make a salad.  I had seen on someone’s Pinterest page this idea.  So it’s not my idea, I didn’t come up with this brilliant plan.  However I’m adopting it and it’s been made, tested, tasted and it’s a for sure a winning idea. Below see how I built my salad in a jar.  It’s a lot of work.  It is!  Lots of washing, chopping and making a nice big mess in the kitchen but since it’s done all at once it makes it worth while.  I made a half-dozen jars of salads that are now easy to grab on the go and super full of goodness.


So these are the jars I began with, 6 clean pint & half sized jars with a wide mouth


Then I cut up some leftover chicken and some cucumbers


Rinsed some black beans, just one can


I love cilantro, so I cut up some of that


Cut up some broccoli (small) this is from my home delivery


Radishes (also from home delivery)


Carrots (again home delivery)


orange bell pepper and red tomatoes


kale (home delivery)


Spinach and not photographed but a little butter lettuce (that was also from my home delivery)


I put a little olive oil and balsamic viniager at the bottom of the jar


I began to layer


This is what it looked like when I finished packing it all in.


Give it a good shake


Dump it on a plate


It fills about this much of the plate and the dressing covered all the crunchy yummy salad parts perfectly (see that heart on the jar lid?)


But you see what I mean? Big Mess


All the lettuce I didn’t use I will bag in a large ziplock


Okay confession, not all these dishes are from this days chopping and preparing.


So I plan to crank some music and clean up this mess next

IMG_2302Then I put the extra’s in my fridge, the fridge in the garage, that’s why this looks so bare;)  TaDa!  I highly recommend this!