spring and remembering


I have not had a chance to look into making my blog a dot.org  but in the meantime.  I had a productive spring weekend.  What happened?

I painted a bookcase yellow

A chocolate cake was baked

We found the sweet blue eggs that are waiting to hatch

I planted the wild flowers for Aunt Louise

The yard was mowed

Good food was eaten

A little Laundry was done

Motorcycle man got a ride or two in

The jeep was smogged and tags paid

We listened

We prayed

We lived another day

And this week I hope to share with you, or anyone who cares to see… how the bookcase is coming along.  Totally free, completely useful and motorcycle man said “you made it look pretty” and that made me happy.

Here is my Sunday video.  A little slow and melancholy because it was dedicated to my great Aunt who left us in the fall and today we planted her wild flowers in hopes that they will bloom.  The secret word for my video…..is…..      love

Love, Hope and Blessings found in our week


I can barely believe it’s almost Friday.   Tuesday when I was at study Lori asked the question, “tell me about the best thing that happened this past week and the worst”  The coolest part about this question was most the gals in our group could ONLY think of the GOOD things that had happened during their week.  I do often try very hard to find the best in each day.  The best because I have noticed when I focus on what is good, what is happy, what is positive that I in turn feel grateful.  I feel grateful for this life, I feel grateful that we have so many amazing blessings each and every day.  I especially realize this when our tutor Tessa is away in Africa and often is without water or electricity, the simple things we take for granted she often lacks.  This brings me to my week.

photo (5)

photo copy


Monday I was happy to see the morning light and the daffodils that had opened up wide and kept going strong since I got them last week and I also  I inherited camera’s from my mom, her first camera ever from when she was just 12 and my dad’s Canon A1. And I saw Kierston and the kids all the way from Arizona, we visited out front in the sunshine and then had a spaghetti dinner around the big table.  So much fun was had that I didn’t’ snap a single picture, just too engrossed in the visit.

photo (1)

Tuesday I found the special battery at Radio Shack for the Canon A1. Our friend we call Oceans Child or better yet Cindy WITH Seattle sent me some Easter Peeps and Abbie some birthday surprises.   I made it to Bible study Tuesday night and fully enjoyed the energy of our small group and the teachings of Dana. I liked what Lori had to say about positive in positive out, if we fill our minds with negative…negative out.  The short of it, she said it way more elegant.



photo (4) photo (3)

Abbie pointed out, not only is the leaf in the shape of a heart, when upside down there are hearts on the leaf itself!!

Wednesday was conference day for Abbie and it went very well.  Ms. Shannon and I know this little girl will do just fine in life. I also got a package from our Canadian friend, Laura.  She made us a love banner and a darling suede pouch out of a jacket she was given. Little Sky left a leaf on our mailbox (in the shape of a heart)   I got to see my mom and give her a hug and kiss and spend some afternoon with her.  She brought Abbie some winter boots to wear to Science camp next week.  We also read a chapter aloud of “The Secret Garden”  we learned new words like wick in the Yorkshire slang means “alive”  Then the girls watered their lettuce and left the water on so long they created a mud pit and asked if they could play in it.  Of course!  To hear their laughter and capture their moments,  the pleasure was purely mine. Dad and son played ping pong with the longer light and little songs were sung and made up by Rich who just loves to make up little songs to make us laugh.

photo (2)

 California sunshine.  Vitamin D so good for health and happiness. 

Today is already Thursday and still I hear the giggles of little girls in the house, I know that we have a big t.v. tonight at our house with Mimi and Papa, Uncle Mark, Aunt Jenn and the girls as we sit together and enjoy Psych.

photo (6)

 Almost feels like summer, ping pong, the smell of grass…..hee hee and mud, reading aloud, making up songs and cold drinks. 


 I’m so thankful for this guitar that sister Sarah gave Rich for his birthday.  He picks it up nearly every single day, whether it’s to sing us a morning song, or his songs for Max about squirrels and kitty, kitties, or evening non sense songs about our days.  It has brought even more laughter and joy into this home.