the hours 2014

hours year 2014

Last year I was invited to a shared blog called the hours the whole purpose of the blog was to bring a group of ladies together from all around the world and each of us would post one photo a month beginning at 7 a.m. in January and ending at 6 p.m. in December.  If you were to ask me if I had a favorite hour or month I will tell you it was December at 6 p.m. this group of collective photos was pure magic!  I don’t like to shoot after dark without a flash, I just don’t feel very good about it and especially being indoors but then it ends up being my favorite hour.  My favorite month.  It had a quality of magic as I mentioned and also qualities of joy and peace amongst a little hustle and bustle that the season can bring and some spirits too, in the form of some cocktails.


The hours is going for another round in 2015.  I have decided to stick with it.  Why?  Because is pushes me to try new things, it has me learning too.  Many of the women and now a few men even are always open to share their knowledge.  I will miss some of the gals who decided not to give it another year but I understand and respect their reasons.  On the flip side I’m excited to meet a few new photographers, rub elbows with some familiar old friends and also be in the presence of some mind-blowing talent.  I sort of wonder how a hacker like me even ended up there, however variety is the spice of life and I do bring variety and I’m going to be content and comfortable in my own way of contributing to this year-long project.  Again honored and feeling blessed to be there.  I hope you might follow us this year, see who is new and what we all come up in the hours of our days from month to month.  I used to tag all my pictures Los Angeles because I live less than 20 miles from our City of Angels and I do live in Los Angeles County but I decided this year to keep it completely accurate and state that I’m from a little tiny city in L.A. County called La Mirada because that’s where most likely I will be shooting my hours….unless I get adventurous and leave my little city, then I will note otherwise.

What projects will you be doing in 2015?  Do you have a word? My word is Balance, let’s hope I can balance my hours, it’s quite manageable really and also balance the year-long video time capsule class I’m being taught by Xanthe Berkeley who… also in the hours this year! I’m also going to continue a shared blog with my friend Christina at 22limes and our friend from the UK Debs where we will be “shooting with soul”  We haven’t quite figured out our kinks on that one but we will be going through this book by Alessandra Cave for the entire year of 2015.  It’s always good to keep learning, to keep stretching and to stay creative if that is where you heart is.  I will begin my first 8 weeks of 2015 in a more spiritual way with class made available by Jeanne Oliver called Becoming, it’s an 8 week study that’s absolutely free if you might also be interested.

Wishing you a healthy 2015 in body, mind and spirit

10:00 a.m. the hours

I submitted my 10:00 a.m. this past week and since I couldn’t decide I let Kirstin make the choice for me.  This way when Sunday came, I was not only surprised by the new live submissions but my very own as well. She choose the image below.

Tracie West LA 10 am B.jpgYou see I decided that my images would be about what I’m most often doing during that particular hour.  Since I work M-F in an office and part of my day is here, then that is what I choose to share.  I nearly broke my own rules this month because since I’m in accounting and all I was thinking my rules would be in quarters and the first quarter would be black and white and include humans, while the second quarter could be in color and maybe not include humans.  As it turns out….I stuck to my original rule.  Below was option two.

tracie los angeles 10 a.m.Let me remind you that taking images while at work is tricky business.  I don’t have a door just a really big opening and I get nervous when I set my timer and the shutter snaps!  like super nervous.  I’m always looking around before I do this but not always safe, people have walked past while I’m doing this.  Lucky they are glued to cell phones and paperwork and very rarely look my way to even say hello.  The last image is one that I “almost” submitted and I almost shifted my own rules for.  It’s a dogwood so I was told and  I though it was the prettiest tree with the most unusual and delicate flowers.



The Hours – I invite you to the pool

Sometimes I’m not exactly sure how I got here  I mean I know the answer to that question but still I wonder about it? I’m a contributor to a group called the hours  and this group is compiled of 31 other women, 32 counting me. We are women from all around the globe and each month we share an hour of our day with you, really it’s only a moment within that hour but you know what I mean? Some months there are 5 Sunday’s and we put up our new images on Sunday mornings. When there are five weeks a few of us will look at the Flickr group pool and pick an image that especially calls to us and on the 5th Sunday we will share those images on the hours. If you would like a chance to participate (male and female alike) please join our Flickr group and submit images taken in the 9 a.m. hour. We are capturing 9:00 a.m. for the entire month of March. April we will be snapping 10:00 a.m. images

Below are the three images I have contributed to our group.

789Some of us use digital, some of use film and or a mix of both. I don’t believe there are any hard rules except the hour in which the photo is taken. I made some rules for myself and I’m not sure why, sort of like I’m not sure how I got there. I have decided my images will all be in black and white. I have decided my images will include a human or group of humans. I have decided my images will be a reflection of what truly happens in that hour of my day. I can break my rules because they are mine. I suppose I could submit a color image, or a picture that doesn’t include a person but I also had in mind that if anyone is keeping track they would spot an image of mine and just know….that’s got to be Tracie’s because her images sort of have a theme. So far I have noticed a few of us have a theme. Like my friend Laura Yurs , her images can’t be mistaken for anyone else’s, or Suzanne Puttman they seem to have a theme but I’m not sure if it’s intentional like mine or it’s just what they capture best and most? I love how within this group we have regular everyday accountants like me while there are also some gals who actually take pictures for a living. It’s a mixed bag and I love mixed bags of just about anything. So I do hope you will join us. Don’t feel like it has to be perfect. My images are never perfect, they are moments. Moments that only will happen one time in that same exact way under those exact conditions in that exact moment. One time. That’s it. CLICK. I got it!

My take on the HOURS

Hours went live today, I was so excited to see what the hour 7 a.m. looked like to my partners around the globe.  Being the very, very first round I was a little nervous, what if I don’t add up?  What if what I choose is completely different from anyone else?  Below are a few of the images I took in the 7 a.m. hour and also I had taken about three images with my film camera Canon A-1 but as it takes me an eternity to get through an entire roll of film there was no way I would have this developed by the end of the month even.

IMG_0197 Nope, doesn’t feel right



IMG_0269not this one

IMG_0275The moment I clicked this, I knew it was the one.

I decided for me it will be about the live moments in my life with the people I adore.  This moment will never happen again and it’s my honor as his mother to see him get ready each morning and stand in our dinning room and use our dinning room mirror which once belonged to my Great Uncle Cole, this moment would be something I would like to look back on because I have learned they grow very, very fast and once they get to a certain age they are like birds just wanting to fly free and as time goes, I often want to freeze it but since I can’t I take pictures.