coloring with miss moonspinner – juxtaposition

cadet blue

Juxtaposition. I have seen this word a lot in the photography world and I knew what it meant simply by seeing examples through the years when other photographers place two images next to each other for comparison or contrast. I have been working with my cousin for…eh hum…cough, cough….a few years now on a project I call “coloring with Miss Moonspinner” Basically a few years ago I picked us both up a big box of crayons and we were to pick a crayon out of the box and seek out that color. At first we were ON FIRE, we cracked the first several colors out. Then we became just a tiny bit relaxed and we share this trait she and I where we are not in any big hurry for things so we would laugh about how we have been carrying cadet blue around for, well….at least a year now. Last week she sent me her version of cadet blue. I thought, “Oh man, pressure is on. I now need to go seeking my cadet blue. “She isn’t placing the pressure on me, nope. She truly wouldn’t mind if it took me another few months to find the perfect cadet blue match up! But then I saw in my fall project our assignment this week is to present a juxtaposition. SOOOOOO I present to you cadet blue along with a few other of my favorite match ups from the last few years. In a snail’s pace we will finish because we have made that promise to each other that we would at least finish the box of crayons. And although this isn’t two photographs that I took to compare and contrast, it’s a project I hold near and dear to my heart and I’m big on community and working together.  Working together for ME, is far better than working alone.  I take it as opportunity to grow by learning techniques from others and hoping I too can inspire them every so often.  This is why I also love working with Christina on this fall project.  She has introduced me to new books, new apps, and even photo language I wasn’t exactly familiar with.  Working with other creatives is a win/win for me.

timberwolfthis is called timberwolf and what you can’t see but I know is, there is a  tiny chip of paint missing on the fender, it looks like a dot here but it was a dark pink heart and if you notice, Miss Moonspinner had pink hearts on her timberwolf colored knee socks.  It was perfect!

turquoise blueThis is turquoise blue, I nearly had a heart attack when I opened my inbox to see her photo, it was a turquoise glass container that spilt out shiny silver glitter, my shot is Miss Moon Shadow in the pool with her shiny glitter skirt and turquoise top, the water in the pool also reminds me of the translucent vase the glitter is spilling out of.  We never discuss our ideas.  We just take picture and match them up.  I’m always happily surprised when they go together so well.

blackThis is black!  Isn’t is just so wonderful?  I think so, all the way down to her mickey mouse band-aid.  In these match up’s she will always be the photo to the left and I’m to the right.  One day, we will complete this project and in the meantime we will have tons of fun matching our images together.  I wonder what amazingness Christina came up with??  Let’s go SEE

Loving God, Loving People


Seek out the message you need to hear most today. Something that reminds you that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and that it is enough.   Note: Sometimes what we need to hear the most, we can stumble on (I love Divine intervention) other times we need to gently remind ourselves with handwritten affirmation. When you’re open to listening, you’ll get the message loud and clear.  Tracey Clark


We are half way through the fall project and as it is half way through we are to pause, find a message we most need to hear. I thought this would be easy.  I see words everywhere.  I’m a word girl however in the busyness of my week I had a hard time pausing.  I actually had to contact my partner in crime, Christina and ask for an extra day.  When the extra day came and went, I asked for another couple of days and just hoped with all my heart that I would find a “message” in the desert.  We had planned to visit our family in the desert and I thought I may find it there.  I did.  It was in my sister-n-laws bathroom window.  The word FAITH.  it was there.  I snapped a real quick picture and wondered if I might find even more “messages”.  The next day Sarah took us around a nearby desert town to see some sites. We parked and walked around, I saw someone had made a heart of rocks they collected.  I stood inside the heart and thought about how I’m surrounded by LOVE in my life and how if I didn’t live by faith, the faith I have in Christ, I’m not sure where I would be?  It all began to make sense.  Faith and Love are the two words and actions I needed to hear this weekend.  I needed to be reminded of my faith and to recognize that I’m loved.  Deeply loved.  We had a busy week but we had such a wonderful week.  As Friday approached we had a big family dinner at our house, we ate, we laughed and we loved.  We got up the next morning and met up with more family. We had breakfast out, we ate, we laughed and we loved.  We drove out to the desert we hung out with even more family, we ate, we laughed and we loved.  What is important in this life?  For me it is my Faith and it is LOVE, love of family, friends and people.  Loving God, Loving People.  For me this is life, this is living. These are the messages that found me, I wonder what messages found Christina. 

Good Day Sunshine

What happens when you haven’t seen the sun in weeks? You find your own sun of course” Tracey Clark


“Good Day Sunshine” Such a happy little song!  And you know the Beatles lived where it’s was gray and gloomy so much of the time so they found sun light to be a BIG blessing!  And me, well I live in Southern California and we have lots and lots of sunshine.  This week has been odd though.  Very gray and sort of cool.  Our fall weather I suppose.  I have not been able to find my shadow and I get really giddy on gray days.  It can mean layers, hot drinks and soup simmering all day long, crackling fires and warm socks.  Since its sunny here so much I long for gray, rainy, gloomy days.  But I will be glad to play along when it comes to finding sunshine on a gray day. For my friend Christina it really is lacking in color in her neck of the woods.  She has had snow!  Which of course gets me all worked up!  SNOW! She plays in it too, she even stands barefoot atop benches in it! Oh snow!  I have a romantic notion of the snow.  Only one of my three children has ever seen it actually snow. Second born went to Science camp for a week back in 5th grade and got snowed in.  He didn’t mind he had to stay up there in the mountains one additional day, cause he got to see the snow fall from the sky.  He didn’t care he came home damp with every single item in his luggage wet and muddy, he got to play in the snow!  This is what I love about this fall project I’m doing with 22limes, she has a completely different environment than me.  I admire her snow days and she admires my sunshine days, where I can drive with my top down and even go to the beach if I want to. She had me realize the other day that I take all that for granted.  I never give it a second thought.  It’s all I have ever known. And you know, it’s really something to be thankful for, our California sunshine so this post is two in one.  My fall project and also today’s gratitude. SUNSHINE!  even when there isn’t much…like on this day…so I made my own just like Tracey said.



“I have come to understand that anything I wish to become better at I must mindfully practice and gratitude is no exception. Even if we are good at it, we become better, more honed in on the multitude of gifts we are privileged to hold, be it a loved ones smile, or a pay raise,  if we practice it daily. “  My contemporary -Cathy Sly-


So you see even in brooms that smell like cinnamon and look kind of like they belong to a witch are things to take note of, their twists and turns and texture.  All worth noticing.  I read this quote from my friend Cathy this week.  Such a really great quote and maybe not very relatable to this texture post per say, but I believe anything to do with practicing gratitude can even apply to gnarly brooms.


You know those brooms that smell like cinnamon?  In the fall I have a hard time passing them up. They cost almost 5.00 a broom but the scent, it beacons me!  Like spring when I bring bundles of daffodils in to watch open up, when it’s fall I bring that darn broom in the house.  I hang it on our black hutch that sits in the corner of our dining room.  It looks like a face and it smell like fall!

IMG_0272and below…do you see the face.  The eyes the low mouth the wild hair?  Yep it’s clearly a face.IMG_0274

Now you need to see Chrstina’s post on texture.  Her twine…is devine.  I’m a poet and I don’t even know it.  I’m also delirious.  It’s Friday and the week has been insane in the membrane.  Okay I’ll stop.

What Remains


[ISO 1250, 50mm, F/2.5, 1/4000]

“Today, see if you can find something that just isn’t willing to let go” and this my friends was a  challenge in Southern California.  Why?  Because the leaves they are stubborn and during this time of year they still hold tight and many of them not just a few.  It couldn’t be as obvious as a single leaf holding on for dear life.  I was hoping I could find a spider hanging from its web.  But I could not.  So in my usual way and because time seems to always be cut short, I walked the perimeter of my own yard.  First the back, then the front.  All of a sudden the roses caught my attention.  Although I still had three red roses in full beautiful bloom, there was one with a single red petal left behind.  Just hanging on, clinging, trying to give that rose its last bit of pretty.  It drew me in.  I took it from a few angles but this was my favorite.  And for the first time ever in this fall challenge, I share just one image.  All I did was lighten the exposure just a bit, the rest is straight out of the camera and shot on manual!! again!!  I’m really, really loving manual and also as Christina has taught me, I used a “prime” lens which just means I used my 50mm and that’s all it has for me is 50 millimeters, if I want to be closer I walk my feet closer, if I want it further I walk my feet back.

I’m always excited to see what Christina over at 22limes will show me.  I love how we are taking the same exact class yet it’s guaranteed we will show each other something completely different and even if we both took a shot of a single rose petal hanging on….it would be totally and completely different from one another.


Simplicity is the glory of expression”  Walt Whitman

morning light

photo (20)

Our next assignment is morning light.  Although I claim to be a night owl I can really appreciate mornings and especially the beautiful East rising sun.  My kitchen and dining room face the East and they receive the most gorgeous light in the morning.  And it’s a quick-moving light and the shadows on the wall change and shift within moments.  Let me just say, when I read prompt number three I was so excited.  I thought, this will be so easy.  Words used like “quiet reassurance”  “inner peace” and “calm”  Sometimes my mornings can be anything but those lovely descriptions however when I stop and drink in that perfect light it can feel that way just for an instant.


On rare occasions when I get up extra early before the sun truly begins to leak in, is when I have had the quiet before the kids get out of bed.  This is rare but it is cherished.  Sometimes I will even walk outside and watch the sun come up and listen to the birds as they begin their day too.  There is nothing like a morning.  It has a feel completely all its own.


On a typical day motorcycle man is up first, he makes our coffee and unlike me, he seems to be more of a morning person.  He sings, he jokes around, he waters the grass, he will even do weird things like trim around the sprinklers with a pair of scissors all before going to work for the day.  Me….I’m quiet, I’m a little tiny bit cranky and I only laugh at his jokes once he says “okay, that’s it, if you don’t start laughing I’m going to quit”  Then I actually realize he has been doing a silly jig right in front of my face as I’m nearly spaced sort of looking through him rather than really grasping what’s happening.  Then I laugh.  I do actually laugh.  He can get me almost every time, I’m just a little slow.


Again my friend Christina is doing the same thing on her side of the country and I’m curious, so curious what she will show us.  You can visit her at 22 limes, you will be glad you did.  She see’s things outside of the box.