Good Change

photo 2Change is good right? It’s my word for this year and I’m open for it. Last year for my birthday Rich bought a groupon for fresh organic produce delivery. It was AWESOME. I got fresh produce delivered right to our door step every other Tuesday for just over a year. It had me trying new recipes and I tried very hard with each delivery not to waste the food. I found though that for the most part I was the only one who really ate the produce and on top of the produce that was being delivered, we still bought our apples and banana’s and berries and a few other produce type stuff at the regular market. I decided to cancel the service this week. I will miss it, it was a little like Christmas every other Tuesday morning however we have formed a new really cool tradition that I love even more. Why? Because for one it includes motorcycle man. Two we get to get out and three, we always get ourselves a little treat.

photo 1A super nice employee offered to take our picture!  She also walked me straight over to the baking soda that I couldn’t seem to find on my own.

Are you wondering what our new tradition is? We drive the jeep to Sprouts! We finally got one somewhat close to our house last summer. Motorcycle man loves all the bins of bulk stuff. He will typically grab himself a few scoops of mixed nuts and then head over to the olives, cheese and artichoke hearts. (That’s our treat) He picks out a few different olives, some cheese balls, occasional mushrooms and artichoke hearts. We snack on those when we drive home. We also love to make it to the coffee aisle (big deep inhale) it’s my favorite smelling aisle by far! We then get ourselves a tiny cup of coffee to sip on while we travel the store. We split up lots during our visit getting different things on our list to knock it out quicker. I decided rather than have my home delivered produce I would much rather shop with my guy. This change is good! That’s all for today folks.

photo 3photo 4people are friendly around there.  See our photo bomber.