Let’s Ride Bikes Batman

not happy

All thumbs up on last night’s main course!  They loved it and it was very out of the ordinary for our family, we rarely eat pork except occasional bacon.  The salad was loved by the girls only.  A little too (healthy) for the boys.  Motorcycle man wanted real salad dressing,  not the olive oil and lemon mixture it called for and he adds “a little iceberg would be nice. “ I didn’t blog about the meal last night because directly after dinner, Mr. Motorcycle man and I rode our bicycles across the street at the school parking lot.  Abbie skated, and Dylan messed around bare foot with a found baseball.  He would every so often throw with his right hand and we all got a good laugh at his lack of coordination with the right hand, being he is a lefty and all. Little Laynie Sky popped up for a ride on her long board and that part of the night was pretty rad.  The dog’s even joined us, although I don’t’ think batman was all that excited about it.

lootAll the loot to make the dinner, saving some of the pork for Friday’s meal

in ovenin the oven they go

helperwhile I was in the kitchen, Abbie folded towels like my mama taught me, and motorcycle man filled out some paperwork

saladI made the salad small cause I knew only us girls would like it

finOur dinner and we all eat on salad plates btw, even motorcycle man, been doing it this way for a while now

me pabPicture courtesy of little Abbie, thanks Abbie.  Legs still the same.  it is what it is, for now.


 summer fun, so blessed to have the other West’s next door

This morning I so did NOT want to get up at 5:30 a.m. but you know I said to myself, “If I don’t DO, nothing will happen, like NOTHING. So just do.” That’s it.  So I got up and I went.  Glad I did because Wonder Woman and Robin were there and had I skipped out on our Activate work out, I would have missed it!

wonder powerswonder girlsThis family sure makes working out fun


Tonight, it’s BQ beef and grilled veggies!